She likes to switch it up

If you follow my blog you know that our eldest daughter moved out of the house this past November (insert mom tears). The first few months were fine, she would phone me each day, and we’d chat about what we were going to do, how her job search was going, and anything else that came to mind. Well, doesn’t she go out and get herself a full-time job about a month ago!

Gone are the daily phone calls to mom (insert tears again). Instead I may get a phone call a couple of times during the week. Why? Because she now phones her dad! I asked her why she was no longer phoning me each day to chat, her answer “I like to switch it up”. You thought with the title of this post I was going to write about sex didn’t you? I guess I could say I like to be on top occasionally (inserts laughter).

Now hubby puts everyone he talks to on speaker phone, making it easy for me to listen in. The problem is I then want to ask questions? I realize I am eavesdropping on the phone call, but he has it on speaker, so I think this is fair game for me.

Well there he is listening to her tell a story, and I am yelling questions from the other room, but I’m generally being ignored, and apparently interrupting their conversation (I have very good lungs, so even though the phone is in another room, my daughter can clearly hear what I am saying, this comes from years of yelling at my kids to do their chores).

Next thing I notice, he has taken her off speaker phone and he has gone downstairs. I can no longer hear what she is saying, I only hear his voice which doesn’t give me much. Thus I am doomed to wait for my phone call.

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  1. Damn! I suppose at least she’s still calling someone. But if this was us I’d never be able to get what I needed out of Jason after a phone call. Here’s hoping she switches back soon 🙂

    1. It is very difficult to get information out of my husband too. Just yesterday, I was out when his sister called, someone we don’t chat with often enough, and it was like pulling nails trying to get information about what she said, even with very pointed questions. Eh, men!

  2. For the record, I wasn’t thinking about the sex aspect of switching until you mentioned it. Meanwhile, to the issue at hand, yep … I would have to say you messed up on that one.

      1. No evidence of that … but your argument would have been much better this way: I know better because you’re a male, and the vast majority of males constantly think about sex … but because you didn’t use it, phooey on your take.

  3. I didn’t think it had to do with sex at all. Never even crossed my mind. Not sure what that says about you and I…

    I think that it’s so great that you’re so close with your kids. I hope mine call me anything (besides bad names) when they get older.

    Besos Sarah

  4. This post makes me think about my younger two kids and how they already like switching between their father and I for attention. They love bouncing from one parent to the other for our attention, and we both get a little sad when we are no longer “The Favourite Parent.” I will miss them even more when they do actually move out of the house! Thanks, Catherine!

    1. Thanks for reading Reese. Kids are funny, but at the same time exceptionally smart in knowing which parent to go to when they want something. I think they are smarter then adults sometimes.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter for finding a full-time job – that is fabulous news! My daughters tend to call dad when they have an IT problem, or need a favour that mum will say, ‘No,’ to! I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before your daughter feels the need to ‘switch it up’ again and call mum instead x

  6. Oh no! This is a rather sad and woeful post! (I must say when I saw the title, sex did cross my mind…) Of course, we have been doing long-distance communication with our son for as long as I can remember, as he has been mostly somewhere else for years now, studying or working (Massachusetts/Ohio/London/Rome/Brisbane/now back to London again). He’s been very good though, always talking to both of us, separately or together. One possible solution: If you have Skype, why don’t you use that? Then your daughter could chat with her Dad, while you are visibly hovering in the background! It’s a great invention, Skype, and actually seeing the person makes a difference. (I stupidly press kisses on the computer screen sometimes, which is a bit embarrassing I know, but I am still his Mom).

    1. I’m glad sex crossed your mind, it was the point of the title! Oh that made me smile “press kisses”. We have skyped with the kids off and on since they went away to school, the young man for some reason is not all too fond of it, and he is the worst about calling, though I do get funny text messages from him. It is definitely a wonderful invention, and seeing them makes the difference, you know they are really okay then.

  7. I hear you, especially the part about liking to be on top!! No seriously I do understand. It’s rather different for me because I’m divorced from my children’s father so there isn’t that ‘can I speak to dad’ thing going on. My gripe is that phone calls from my children tend to be feast or famine. Some weeks they are brilliant about keeping in touch, other weeks I don’t hear a squeak from them. What I can 100% guarantee is that if they need/want something, they certainly are not backwards in coming forwards…..roll on motherhood! 😉

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