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Look Good Feel Better Workshop

Today I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with my sister-in-law at the Juravinski Cancer Centre. The name of this workshop is “Look Good Feel Better”, the purpose is to aid those fighting a cancer diagnoses feel better and of course after doing their make-up today, get their better half to take them out to dinner. Each participant is given a box full of make-up kindly donated by many different cosmetic companies. The workshop is conducted by individuals who gladly volunteer their time by going around to the various cancer clinics in our area. I cannot say enough good things about them.

The first step today was learning how to take care of your skin. It is important to wear sunblock and to moisturize daily because of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Next how to use concealer, foundation, eye shadow, blush, mascara, lip liner, and lipstick. The nice thing about each box of goodies is they matched the various skin tones in the group. Plus there was a volunteer (for every two people) helping you along. After the make-up session was completed, it was time for a discussion on wigs, the different kinds, and how to take care of them. They also had an assortment of scarfs, showing you the various ways to tie them around your head. The best part of this afternoon was there was no sadness on any of the faces, just smiles and laughter!

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  1. A wonderful, rewarding workshop and one that truly makes a difference. Thank you for letting us know about it!

    1. For that one afternoon, my sister-in-law felt wonderful, a woman, not a woman with cancer. Sadly she lost her fight with cancer on July 1st, 2012.

  2. Hi Catherine,

    It’s so wonderful for us volunteers to hear this feedback! We truly love helping others and people like you make it all worthwhile.

    Thanks and I wish you and your sister-in-law all the best!

  3. Hi Catherine. My name is Chantal and I am the Marketing & Communications Manager for Look Good Feel Better. I happened upon your post and am thrilled to know that you enjoyed your workshop. Our volunteers (there are roughly 1,900 of them across the country!) are truly special and will love to read your post.

    You might also be interested to visit — it’s a new online community we launched in 2010 to extend some of the support and camaraderie our participants enjoy in our workshop. It’s a community both for women with cancer and those who support them, because we know that friends, family and colleagues are also impacted by a cancer diagnosis. There’s also a link there to our annual magazine and our video series for the steps you learned in the workshop, should you wish to review them.

    Thanks again for your lovely post!

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Chantal,
      Thank you and your volunteers! The workshop was just what my sister-in-law needed yesterday. She was lucky enough to be chosen as a model of the wigs, hats, and various scarf’s the volunteers showed the group. The laughter and support was amazing.

      Please tell your volunteers that their work is very much appreciated!

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