Middle child busted, hubby steps in poo, fish throw stones

I’ve started week four without a laptop, currently I am using one that the store loaned to me while I await the okay for brand new computer. It seems they were unable to repair my motherboard or find a replacement, plus the LCD panel is shot, and there isn’t a part available for it either.  Geez.

So what has been happening with me – lots!

First I busted middle child, which had both of us laughing for a few days. What happened you ask? Some of you may not know that middle child is neither a child nor a teenager, she is a young adult doing her own thing.  Me, well I do not sleep well, I’m up numerous times throughout the night. So as it happened, I was outside on the front porch around 2 a.m. when a cab pulled up beside the house. Ah middle child has arrived home, but not by herself, she has brought a boy, hmm. She first tries to sneak him in the front gate, which is ridiculously silly since it is only a few steps from the front porch. Unable to open the lock, she realizes she has no choice but to walk by mom (I’m laughing as I watch her). She quickly races past me, and I assume she hopes the boy does, but nope! Like any mother who sees her daughter bring someone home, I hold my hand out to shake his while I introduce myself (oh I’m cruel!). Being a polite young man, he shakes my hand and introduces himself (with a big grin on his face). They both enter the house, while I yell “Busted!”

The next day, hubby awoke at his usual time of 6:30 a.m. to get ready for work and feed the dogs.  Well it seems no one took the dogs out to do their business the night before, so one of them had an accident in the house, which my husband stepped in! After cleaning up that mess, Bear was sick and vomited on the landing. Another mess for hubby to clean up, only to step in another poo a few minutes later. It was not a good morning start for him!

Next up was the young man, who broke out with a case of chicken pox, this was the second time for him. I woke up with a stye in my left eye, so it was off to the family doctor for both of us. A prescription for me, rest and Benadryl for the young man. Thankfully the chicken pox  pretty much remained on his torso, but it was still quite itchy for him and my stye has cleared up.

Lastly our fish, which I seriously considered flushing down the toilet for a premature death the other day. I again woke up in the middle of the night only to hear noises that sounded similar to electrical wires arcing. Since I had my phone with me, I turned on the flashlight app and went on the hunt for the cause of the noise. After checking all floors, plus the electrical panel I went back to bed. After about another hour of sleeping, I once again woke to the weird sounds, unable to find anything the second time around, I went back to bed hoping that if there was a fire, our fire alarms would wake me. It wasn’t until the morning that I found out the source of the noise – the fish. Hubby, who had slept on the couch in the basement, explained the fish were picking up the stones on the bottom of the aquarium then spitting them out, hitting the glass. He too was very close to killing our pond fish, who spend winters in the house.

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  1. You are totally the coolest mum in the world – must try and remember to be the same 🙂
    It alwasy amazes me the calm with which we approach potential situations in the night. We were once woken by a crash, and the alarm going off. Now if this were a film you’d be yelling, ‘don’t go downstairs, call the police!’ but of course, we staggered down to take a look at our violent intruder. Which was the ironing board, fallen flat on the floor 🙂

  2. The fish are plotting their escape à la “Finding Nemo”. Just the right pebble at the exact right weak point in the glass and sweet freedom will be theirs. 😉

    You are hilarious. Was Middle mortified? Or is she pretty much accustomed to your wicked ways by now?

    Life without my computer would have me pretty stabby. How are you holding up?

    1. The fish are plotting an escape- I never even thought of that – we are doomed.

      Middle child is quite accustomed to my antics, likewise I am to hers!

      Life without a laptop is difficult, but it hasn’t increased my dusting the living room (I hate that job).

      1. I’m always thinking, Catherine. 😉 I had a Clown Loach that used to leap from my tank on the regular and also a suicidal Swordtail once upon a time.

        Believe it or not, all this talk of tanks makes me want to set up an aquarium. 😀

        Ha ha! You and DD have each other pegged. That’s great!

        My husband brought my laptop back from the dead so many times. It was such a great little thing, but after the last time we signed a DNR order. 🙁

        I actually got more exercise when I was using a laptop. I never sat to use it.

        1. We actually only have the fish in the aquarium in the winter, the will be outside in the pond soon. Suicidal fish, been there, too funny.

          We’ve fixed many of our computers/laptops over the years, this one sadly is toast. I really liked it.

          Middle child – yep we’ve pegged each other. She is very much her mother’s daughter.

  3. Wow! So much happens at your house! I would have done the same thing to my kids if they tries to slip a date past me. I felt sorry for your husband. I would not have liked ro have started my day in that manner! Thanks for sharing these stories, Catherine! You woke me up this morning with laughter!

  4. Brilliant… sounds as though you’ve got a lot going on at home right now! Here’s hoping you and the young man are feeling better very soon. I can’t wait until my daughters bring boys home… I’ve already been given a list of things I’m not allowed to say but I’m sure I’ll come up with a few they won’t have thought of!

    1. I’ve been given a least of things not to say, or a quick warning before someone comes home, but I usually ignore my kids requests, it’s just too much fun. hehe

  5. Fish are REALLY noisy! We had an aquarium when we lived in Jakarta and the fish loved that ‘let’s spit out the pebbles’ trick. Add to that the constant brrrrr sound the filter makes and the odd splosh as one tries to jump out of the tank and bingo! you’ve not got the quiet, peaceful zen like arrangement that you were hoping to create as a feature in your sitting room.

    As for stepping in dog poo. Once is forgivable, but twice? now that’s careless!!

    Hope you get fixed up with a shiny, all singing, all dancing new computer soon xx

    1. That is exactly why the fish are in the basement, I was surprised how noisy the “spit out the pebbles” trick was! The dogs rarely have accidents in the house, I guess they were making up for lost time. At least it wasn’t me who stepped in it, lol.

  6. 1. I could last exactly 24 hours without my laptop unless it was by choice.
    2. I suggested to Ed that the next time our neighbour gives The Kids fish that I will flush them down the toilet. I think he shed a tear. I hope that when she buys them some more (we all know that she will) that they live as long as the others and die a natural death after (less than) 24 hours. Needless to say, I’m not a “fish person”.
    3. BUSTED!
    4. There’s a flashlight app!?!? SHARE.

    Besos Sarah.

    1. 1. It’s amazing how many other things I have gotten done since I haven’t had a laptop.
      2. The reason we have fish is for the outside pond. Normally we only have feeder fish (gold fish) but last year I bought Coy for some reason. These are large fish, and would most likely not easily flush. Plus one has only one eye and is sort of cute in a weird way.
      3. There is pretty much an app for anything these days. Mine is built in to my BlackBerry.

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