Middle child visits the DMZ – Korean Demilitarized Zone

Stepping into North Korea

Middle child about to step into North Korea

Middle child has been in Seoul, South Korea now for six months and has certainly seen quite a lot. Her latest trip took her to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), often referred to as the “most dangerous border” in the world. During the tour of the DMZ, one of the speakers they had the opportunity to listen to, was a young lady of just 19 years, who had just recently defected from North Korea. As she spoke, there were many tears, not only flowing from the young lady, but also middle child. Even though North Koreans are generally happy since they don’t know what is outside of their borders, their life is very hard compared to the Western World. As middle child listened to this young lady, it made her appreciate her life even more.

DMZ sign

DMZ sign.

Train that once ran between North and South Korea

Train, that once ran between North and South Korea.

The third tunnel

The third tunnel.

Barbed wired fence

Barbed wired fence between North and South Korea filled with messages on ribbons.


4 thoughts on “Middle child visits the DMZ – Korean Demilitarized Zone

    1. AlwaysARedhead Post author

      She is very brave, I am somewhat jealous of her life and the experiences she is having, though I am not so sure I would want to step into North Korea.

  1. Izzie Anderton

    How amazing that Middle Child was able to listen to the young lady who had recently defected from the north. Makes you realise just how much we have to be grateful for doesn’t it.

    1. AlwaysARedhead Post author

      The young lady made quite the impression on middle child, she brought tears to her eyes. We take so much for granted here in the Western world, when so much have so little. We really need to wake up more and appreciate what we have.


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