Mischievousness on Christmas Eve

I was going to write a blog post about how some days I love the holidays and how some days I hate the holidays. Instead though I will tell you what I did one Christmas eve when everyone was asleep.

I had went out for the evening with friends, when I arrived home around 2 a.m. Everyone was asleep dreaming about what Santa would bring in the morning. I believe I was around seventeen when this occurred. Our Christmas tree was in the basement that year, so it was pretty easy to be a mischief. I quietly searched under the tree for my presents, then proceeded to open each one and re-wrap them. My only reason for doing this was, I was tired and didn’t want to rise early in the morning with my siblings. Now in hindsight I should have realized that for the time it took me to unwrap (without tearing any of the paper) and re-wrapping each gift I could have been sleeping soundly.

The morning came, my parents and siblings were calling for me to get out of bed. I didn’t move. My father entered my room. He, at first asked me nicely to get out of bed, but I refused, explaining that I knew what my presents were, because I had already unwrapped and re-wrapped them. Instead of getting angry with me, he went to the freezer.

ice cubes

Upon entering my room again, he ripped the sheets and blankets from the bottom of the bed and grabbed my ankles. What I didn’t know, was in his other hand were ice cubes! While holding my ankles tightly, he rubbed the bottoms of my feet with the coldness. As he did this, he explained that my mother had gone to a lot of work to make a lovely Christmas for us and I was to get out of bed now. I was also not to mention what I did, and I best look surprised when I opened my gifts.

I went downstairs joining my siblings and mom, unwrapped my gifts again looking surprised while not breathing a word of what I had done. It was a lovely Christmas.

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  1. You little devil! lol x But no harm done eh 😉 I’m a present feeler – I spend all my time running up to Xmas guessing everything but I just can’t help myself! lol x

  2. So your devilish nature has been with you for some time! 😉 … Cheers to your dad for being willing to cover you – so well done!

    Hey – A party at my place on Saturday … and your readers are welcome as well.

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