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My girlie parts are crooked and rocks look like canoes

Still having fun in Algonquin

One of the worst problems when I am canoeing with my husband is apparently my ability to sit centre in the canoe, he thinks I sit a little too far to the left which in turn throws him off-balance. I on the other hand am pretty sure that I am sitting in the middle of the canoe because I line my girlie parts up with the keel of the canoe. Sounds silly right, but think about it for a minute, (probably easier for my female readers). If you refer to the picture above, you can see the keel in the middle and the two other indentations to the right and left (sorry I have no idea what they are actually called). Anyways, I line my knees up with these indentations, thus my girlie parts are dead centre. Yet according to the husband, I am still crooked, so after much discussion (what else does one chat about when stuck in a canoe for four and a half hours with their better half), the only amicable decision we could agree upon was my girlie parts must be crooked.

We camped on a pretty large lake when we were in Algonquin Provincial Park, Burnt Island Lake. There are quite a few campsites on the lake that are very private because they are off the beaten path. From our site, you could see canoes in the distance that were either heading further into the lake, or to another portage, which brought me to the second problem I had – rocks look like canoes. They really do, especially when you are looking from afar, but you would think that after I had mistaken the first rock as a canoe, I wouldn’t do it again. Nope. All weekend, I would see either the same rock or a different one, and point it out to my husband, who would look, than laugh, then say “you’ve done it again dear, it’s a rock”. Damn.

Here are some of the pictures from our camping trip, I hope you enjoy them.

We had the pleasure of enjoying an amazing sunset on the Saturday of our trip. I took picture after picture, because I could not believe the amazing colours (no filter) in the sky. Here are just a few of them:

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  1. This really made me smile–never thought about canoeing in relation to girlie parts! I LOVE to canoe, and your photos a beautiful.

    1. Well when you are in a canoe for hours with your husband, like I was, all sorts of things come to mind. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  2. I’m pretty sure I was born in Algonquin Park. Either that or conceived their. Either way, I’ve been going every single year since I was a baby and this will be my kids fifth summer. They’ll be 4.5 years. I really need to write about it as it’s such a huge part of who I am today.

    So happy to hear that you had a great time. Sorry about the crooked lady bits…

    Besos, Sarah

    1. I wish I was born there and then I would be living there year round, but alas it did not happen. Please do write about your Algonquin experiences, I would love to read them.

      Crooked lady parts, that’s me, not perfect, but still fun.

  3. Wow. Lovely pix! (Sorry about your crooked girlie parts…..but am also wondering….perhaps it is husband’s eyes or sense of balance that are off?)

  4. Oh my my … love hubby’s explanation!!! Looks like you had wonderful weather at a beautiful location. Cheers to the getaway!!!!

    1. There is never a dull moment when in a canoe for hours. It was beautiful Frank, I love Algonquin. Have you ever camped in the backcountry?

  5. I won’t argue your logic. Who would. And Peter has a pointer or is plum bob.

    I enjoyed the read, and images like these never get tiring for me. When in places such this, you cannot help but believe that sunset you have been graced with, was meant only for you and you alone.

  6. Oh goodness! I must share this one with Neville, I know he will roar with laughter! Your photos are SO beautiful. What wonderful, unspoiled nature. PS I’m sure your girlie parts aren’t really crooked…It’s the boat!

    1. I agree it must be the boat 😉

      It is beautiful in Algonquin, I was quite surprised we didn’t see a moose or two, usually they are everywhere.

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