My life with chronic pain, dogs, and Master Baking

Life has been a roller coaster of pain lately, with Bursitis now in my hip, sitting, which was already quite difficult for any length of time, is now almost impossible for more than a few minutes without having to take more medication. It has left me quite depressed, not really wanting to do anything.

Making life more painful, has been my insistence on taking the dogs for a walk in the dog park (though I have lost quite a bit of weight which is a bonus). It was not too bad walking on the snow, but then it melted, and refroze. Left were deep ruts in the ice, making it extremely hard, and actually dangerous to walk on, yet I did, then paid for it with having to lay on the couch covered in ice pads and heating pads.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of both middle child and the young man home for six days. Each were on spring break at the same time. It was wonderful to have them home but then reality set it…laundry, the tank of gas that lasts a month for hubby and I now vanished. It seems I have become used to the empty nest, the quietness, and my own slow but steady routine. With the kids home, I was reminded how there was no food in the refrigerator when actually there was, but nothing to their liking. How I now had to buy skim milk for the young man, almond milk for middle child, numerous juices, since one container seemed to disappear in a day.

Then they left and what happened? I missed them. It was about a week after they left that the young man Skyped with his mom and dad. He doesn’t Skype very often since his internet connection is not very stable. The conversation was awesome, but I was very tired, and with exhaustion comes fibro brain, meaning I mess up words, can’t find the words I need to complete a sentence, or I mispronounce. As I was explaining to the young man, how I made English muffins, he didn’t really seem to care because as he told me, he doesn’t like English muffins, and will therefore never make them. The next thing that happens is I ask why he doesn’t want to be “Master Baking”, and both he and my husband break out in laughter. I’m lost, until they explain that it sounded as if I had said I wanted him to become, like his mom “Master” at “Masturbation”. Personally I didn’t see it, but they laughed and laughed. Conclusion, mom should not have conversations when she is tired.

It’s been over two years since my husband starting renovating the bathroom. Well, actually it was my idea, and the eldest daughter said she would do most of the work but then she started working. The bathroom was left a mess, and it was now up to my husband to finish what we had started.  I wanted subway tiles to cover all the walls, so after much disagreement, and me holding out for my design, hubby finally relented and the tiling began. It took well over a thousand tiles to cover all the walls, before he finished. The grouting was done, fixtures were put back in place. We still have to decide how the shelves will be done. More tiling, wallpaper, or paint? This decision may take another few months. Thankfully we have the upstairs bathroom for showers. We can still use the sink and toilet in the bathroom, but there is no towel rack, so towels are just thrown here and there after washing one’s hands.

This has been my life lately.

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  1. So sorry to hear about all your pain. I think it’s great that you do what you have to and try to make the most of it. Are you going to share a picture of the (almost) finished bathroom. It was almost done when I visited. Thinking of you.

    Besos, Sarah

  2. i too get that brain when I’m tired, hungry or ill, thankfully it doesn’t happen as much these days since the kids left home, but when it does, I just don’t find it funny like my family do

  3. A bit late … but I finally made it. Knowing the double-edged sword of how you deal with the two aspects of how you deal with being an empty nester actually made me laugh. On the other hand, the pain you’ve been dealing with saddened me. Hopefully some warmer weather will provide some relief. Meanwhile, today I plan to make a batch of my oat bran mufflins, I will be the Master Baker for the day.

          1. BTW … they are fresh out of the oven, so I’ll have one for breakfast tomorrow. Pulling the recipe caused a smile because ingredients include a grated carrot. Also orange-flavored craisins, but since I didn’t have them, I decided not to add raisins. Probably should have with you in mind.

          2. Orange flavoured craisins do not sound appealing, aren’t craisins a combo of raisins and cranberries? Where does the orange come from?

            Waiting until the next day before you have one freshly baked muffin, I would not have that willpower.

          3. These are part of my breakfast stable … one a day. Craisins are dried cranberries …. and I see them as unflavored plus cherry & orange flavored (additives).

            Just to let you know, I considered an elaborate explanation to pull your leg, but I was nice, thus gave you the correct answer …. or did I?

          4. I googled, Craisins are just dried cranberries, darn an elaborate explanation would have been fun for a Monday. C’est la vie. I’m a steel cut oats with raisins and flax seeds for breakfast kind of gal.

          5. As a point of reference, my muffins aren’t the traditional mushroom shape. I used to make cupcake size, but now mini-loaves.

  4. So sorry to hear that you’re in constant pain – I can’t imagine how hard it is to live with every day and I hope that you’re getting referred to a pain consultant to explore all the options. I know what you mean about getting used to living in an empty nest, here it seems as though I’ve just fathomed everything out only for both daughters to return home and cause chaos again. I always love having the girls home, but breathe a sigh of relief when they’ve gone back and then miss their company!
    Onwards and upwards lovely, here’s hoping that everything gets better for you very soon x

  5. It makes me sad to read about the pain you’re living with, Cathy. Will the bursitis heal with time? I do hope so. I miss my kids so much, but am really happy that our son is coming for a visit in April, and we’re going to see our daughter in May. The “Master Baking” misunderstanding made me smile. 🙂

    1. Hopefully I can get the bursitis under control, it is just one more thing to add to the list. Damn, the list is just getting too long. 🙂

      Will your son be visiting for long in April? It’s wonderful that you will also be able to see your daughter in May. I find some days are worse than others when it comes to missing my kids. Hopefully it will get easily as I age, lol.

  6. I really want to give you a HUGE HUG. It sounds like you need one. I saw your marvellous muffins on Facebook and was most impressed, shame on Master Bater for not rejoicing in his mother’s fine baking skills. What’s the betting that one day he says ‘Ma, what was that recipe you had for those English Muffins? My girlfriend really likes them and I want to make her some’

    I’m really sorry to hear about the pain you are in, and I have great admiration for your determination in taking your dogs out when probably it’s the last thing you feel like doing. You are wonderful.

    I’ve been living in a state of chaos for 18 months and can totally sympathise with you about the bathroom. Every single room in our house needs decorating – at times I want to pull my hair out and scream! And I’m so fed up with having to pee on a bucket at night time, I’ve dragged the damn thing in to the bedroom now in the hope that ‘my new en-suite’ will inspire my husband to get cracking with getting plumbing inside the house. Currently our shower and toilet is outside which is no good, especially in freezing weather for mother’s nocturnal micturation habits.

    1. Thank you Lottie. The young man has asked for a few recipes but I really like the girlfriend point – I will have to mention that to him.

      Chronic pain is a horrible thing, I don’t wish it upon anyone. Taking the dogs for a walk is the last thing I want to do, some days I just can’t but when I do, I have at least bonused with lost inches, being able to wear a pair of jeans that haven’t fit me for six months.

      Home renovations are horrible, I don’t wish to go through them again. We are lucky to have a second bathroom, though that wasn’t always the case. While leaving in our house with the three kids, we added a second floor a number of years ago and oh the drywall dust! Then we redid the kitchen, forcing us to wash dishes in the bathtub for months. I like the idea of you bringing the bucket inside at night, I would do the same, I’m sure of it!

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your chronic hip pain. It really doesn’t make it easier to do what you’d like to do, and yes, the refrozen ice is not helping you, either.

    As for you boys, I can understand a bit of what this is like for you. That is what life is like every other week when my eldest is with us, and I hate when she leaves. Once she leaves, we are used to not running out food so quickly, and the we just get use to not having her around when she returns for her week with us! It will be very strange to have her go away to school and to only see her on holidays or during the summer. I’m not looking forward to this happening…or for the large amount of dirty laundry, either ;P

    1. Thank you Reese; the hip is really horrid, added to the chronic pain I already suffer from, and back problems, life is just not to great right now. I find it very difficult with the young man so far away. He won’t be home for Easter, so I’m unsure of what to do. I have the two girls here, who don’t want to make the long drive and with the one in college and the other working full-time, they really can’t go anyways. My delimma, what to do?

      It must be hard, with visits every other week, I’m sure a lot of pre-planning has to be done.

      1. Yes, a lot of planning and poking to be kept in the loop on what’s happening week-by-week. I don’t know how you can stand for more than 1 child not being home for holidays at a time. For me, she is missed the most at for Christmas. We like going all-out and it is sad to not have her with us to enjoy it every other year.

        1. This past Christmas was hard, especially since the eldest had moved out in November, it was the first ever Christmas morning without her, it didn’t feel right. You get used to the empty nest, soon middle child and the young man will be finished school (April & June) for the summer and the house will once again be busy.

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