My parenting fail, I fell asleep in the emergency department

I fell asleep in the emergency department.
I fell asleep in the emergency department

Yesterday out daughter wasn’t feeling all too well, so our family physician suggested we take her to the local emergency department. Since hubby was at work, the eldest dropped her and I off at the hospital. She saw a doctor quite quickly, but that doctor felt it was necessary for middle child to see a specialist, so we found ourselves a seat and plunked our butts down for a long wait. At first I tried to read my book, but middle child wanted to chat so I put the book away. Of course though, as soon as I did that, she changed her mind about chatting.

Now the emergency room was full of quite a few people, plus there was an elderly man laying down on a gurney, attached to a machine that emitted a regular monotone beep. It wasn’t late in the day at all, it was around four o’clock in the afternoon but that monotone beep seemed to be all I needed for me to start to fall asleep. According to middle child my chin would slowly fall down to my chest and then all of a sudden I would jerk up awake and say “what”. This went on for about twenty minutes. She surprisingly didn’t become all too frustrated with me, instead she sent a text to her sister saying that ‘mom needed to be replaced because she keeps falling asleep’. So next thing I knew, I was being sent outside to wait for my husband so we could do the ‘parent switcheroo’. It didn’t seem to matter that he had just finished a shift at work, because he was far better at staying awake than I, who had been home all day not doing a whole heck of a lot.

Note: middle child was seen by a specialist a few hours later, checked over, given a prescription to make her all better, and I had a lovely rest at home.

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  1. I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere – not my finest quality. Glad your middle one is okay, and I hope you were able to catch up on your sleep!

  2. Glad to hear that the lovely M.C. is back on the road to health.

    Since having kids, I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. Good to know that it will only get worse with time.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. So glad your daughter is okay. Sounds like your middle child is already wise to the ways of Disney’s parent-swap/rider-switch lines. A good idea in this situation as well!

  4. Mid-afternoons are tricky. Now that we are retired, unless we are out and about doing something, either one or the other of us usually dozes off. 9 times out of 10 it is husband as I hate sleeping in the daytime. A monotone beep would certainly start me off!

    1. I actually prefer a mid-morning nap, too late in the day, then I don’t sleep at night, but the beep just put me right under. Thankfully middle child took it all in stride and had her father replace me.

  5. Very relieved to hear that middle child is ok. I’m well impressed that you managed to catch 40 winks whilst waiting in the busy A&E department of a hospital. What’s that medical condition called where peeps keep falling asleep? Narcolepsy? I think you need to book yourself in, love. 😀

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