My weak bladder was filled with gas on purpose

A list of options for urinary incontinence

After three kids, and old age creeping up on me, my bladder has become, let us say weaker. It doesn’t hold as much as it used to, or if it does, then trouble ensues. Most women can relate to this, you go to get up and oh, surprise, surprise, we have leakage, or one of your young adult children scares the bejeebers out of you, and oh surprise, surprise more leakage, only this time you have to run upstairs for a change of clothes. Damn kids making you laugh.

Now I realize most men don’t want to hear about their wives/girlfriends/partners having a bladder problem. Well guys, sorry in this case, I blame 50% of the problem on you. Why? You got us pregnant, and no matter how many of those darn Keagle exercises I did, the bladder still would not cooperate.

So a couple of weeks ago, I went to see a Doctor that specializes in Urinary Incontinence, god how freaking embarrassing is that? By the sound of it, I should be wearing a diaper, you know those ones that are now advertised on television, like your period pads, like it’s no big deal that you need to wear a diaper at age 54! Just for the record, I do not wear a diaper! Okay, back to my doctor visit, she was, alright is a lovely woman (with an odd desire to help women who pee themselves). First there is the obligatory medical history with the nurse, meaning did I bring along my list of medication, because I can never remember the names of the pills I take every morning & night (for the last god knows how many years) so I can have a maybe less painful day. Oh “you must be constipated with those meds” she says, gee thanks for the reminder that I can’t poo on a regular basis, but heck I can pee if you make me laugh.

With the history completed, the nurse explains that I am going to go behind that curtain over there, remove my lower half of clothing, but you may keep your socks on, because peeing has nothing to do with your feet, unless of course you dribble down your leg, and voila you have now peed on your feet. Then lay down on the bed, put your feet in the stirrups, like you are riding that imaginary horse with your true love…that might be another story. Then the doctor will come in the room, and the fun will be begin!

So there I am with my feet in the stirrups, riding the imaginary horse when the doctor bursts that bubble and tells me she is going to fill my bladder up with gas, and no matter how much I want to pee, I have to hold in the gas because it isn’t pee, while she watches the monitor (yeah there is a camera on the tube she inserted into my urinary tract, up into my bladder which fucking hurts but hey only for a minute).

Then she starts to fill my bladder with gas. At first no big deal, I can handle this, I feel like I want to pee, but it’s not pee as I try to remember. Then oh my fucking god!!! The pain!!! I am holding the nurse’s hand, which I am pretty sure is near bone breakage. I’m crying, and swearing while the nurse is telling me to breathe like I’m having a baby. Well let me tell you ladies, this is nowhere near like you are having a baby, why? Because you don’t get the baby.

What seems like an eternity (but in actuality is only a few minutes), the doctor gets the images she wants, and the gas in my bladder, which I was 100% positive was going to be sent flying into the stars is released. I am saved, I know longer want to harm the doctor, but now I want water, I’m dehydrated. Go figure.

She has me grab the sheet, come on over here, and we will have a chat, for some odd reason I can’t take a few minutes to get dressed. First she says I have stress urinary incontinence, and a week bladder neck. Okay, I’m pretty sure I knew that. My options. This is where I laugh (no peeing though). Keagle exercises (honestly do they work, no, even my own family doctor agreed with that, and he’s not female). Next option: medication, but I’m already on quite a bit, they cost a lot, and are not covered by OHIP (our government plan). Thirdly, a Pessary Device can be inserted into the bladder neck, but it apparently only has a 50% success rate, and requires changing every few months, it can fall out, and costs $75 each time. Lastly surgery – a TVT which is a tension free mesh device is sewn into the bladder neck. This has a 90% success rate and a 1% chance of erosion, it is an outpatient surgery procedure with a two week recovery.

This is a lot to take in, I tell her I want to chat with my husband, when really I just want to get dressed because now I’m cold. I get home, and tell hubby all about my bladder being filled up with gas. Apparently though my bladder leakage problem is not something he really wants to hear about? Fine, but he reluctantly listens, where it takes him a minute to say, go for the surgery, end the peeing.

I most likely will go have the surgery done, but I will have to wait till the young man moves back home for the summer. This way there is someone else to help around the house when hubby is at work. (Oh I did share this information with the young man, but like his dad, he really didn’t want to hear about my peeing).

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  1. Hi! We don’t know each other but I arrived on your blog via a food post elsewhere and just happened to stumble upon this post (probably kismet). Female incontinence is VERY common and there are many different treatments and schools of thought on it. There may be an alternative to surgery (it’s a type of physiotherapy) that you may want to explore before going under the knife! I also happen to be in Ontario and there’s a clinic called Pivot that does it but I’m sure there are others. If you’re interested in trying a more ‘natural’ route or getting a second opinion before you take that next step then it’s worth a try. 🙂 Best of luck! xx

    1. I have pretty much decided surgery is probably the best option, but I will have to do it when either the young man is home in the summer, or when Matt takes holidays. Apparently it is a two week recovery period.

    1. I always figure there may be someone out there who is wondering the same things I am, so if it helps answer any questions, the embarrassment is worth it! Truthfully, I really am not embarrassed, I’m just one of those individuals who doesn’t have an issue with sharing. 🙂

  2. Decision made … but with surgery many months away, the weak bladder issues remain. Meanwhile, look forward to the days when you can sing Happy Pee Days are Here Againl

  3. I’ve had two cystoscope a but water was used in both and it was an absolute nightmare!!! Then they wanted me to “empty” my bladder In a bucket while the dr and nurse stood there. I kid you not. It was horrid. I’ve also had bladder surgery and after my bladder went into spasm and closed. I actually almost burst. again, a nightmare, so I completely sympathize with you!
    This problem is real and I hope you figure out what’s best for you!

    1. Oh my god Jennifer, that is horrible, you have my sympathy. Ugh! One minute I think I’ll have the surgery done, the next I don’t know, either way I will hold off to the summer, at least that way if I am in pain, I can enjoy the lovely weather.

    1. I don’t dare cough, without tighting everything first, and that doesn’t always work. A very painful procedure and I’ve had back surgery twice, the benefit there though I was put out! According to this nurse and doctor do the Keagle exercises to strengthen the bladder neck to halt the leakage. Sorry for scaring you, but I personally think it is better to know what happens during this test or any test.

  4. OMG. As if just making the appointment and showing up at such an embarrassingly-named place wasn’t enough……I’m so sorry for your discomfort (before, during, and after the visit!). I hope the fix goes better and you never, never, never have to go back! 🙂

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