No a/c by choice

I live in a 2-story house and have never had air conditioning. When we added the second floor, we made sure they were windows installed on each wall, so there would be a cross breeze for every room. Ceiling fans are in & on in every room and on hot days such as today (July 21st 2011), windows and curtains are closed to keep the heat out. It does help that we have one of those four-foot deep rubber pools, so a dip before bed cools you right off. If the upstairs does get too hot, we sleep in the basement on air mattress’ or I pitch the tent in the backyard.

I will never install a/c in my house because I find the heat hits me twice as hard when I go outside. Now I realize people with breathing problems need something especially if they are living on the i.e. 11th floor of a high-rise. However, there is no need to run an air conditioning unit when you are not home, likewise running it at such a low temperature that a sweater is needed is ridiculous. I love the heat, even on a day like today. It is summer and I will enjoy every minute before that horrible white stuff lands on my front lawn.

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