No, I do not remember what I bought for your birthday

The other day, I reminded my husband that my birthday was coming up in a week and a half. He replied with you didn’t get me anything for my birthday, and at that very moment I had no idea whether or not I did buy him something. What I did remember, was I had planned a surprise party, inviting friends and relatives, and I had started cooking in the middle of the night. Later, when as usual I couldn’t sleep because my brain was full of activity, I pondered, because I knew I had to have bought him something. Eureka! I remembered! I had taken the dear husband to Home Depot so he could pick out his own birthday gifts. How did I finally remember this? Well, he wanted a multi-tool and I had to tell him his daughter was purchasing a multi-tool, so he couldn’t. It really was his sister but I couldn’t tell him the whole truth. Needless to say, I knew I had done something, okay, I still couldn’t remember exactly what we bought but I am sure the bill is around here somewhere.

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