When I was in high school I would never get changed in front of other girls in gym class, I don’t know what I was so afraid of but I just couldn’t do it. Fast forward a lot of years into my forties and something happened, I can only blame it on perimenopause, because I was no longer afraid of my nudity. I started wearing low-cut shirts, blouses, and sundresses, much to the dismay of my kids, though not my husband (I would also go swimming without the bathing suit top but I was considerate and made sure they were not around). The reason I gave them, was that it is legal to go topless in Ontario, and they should actually be happy, that well, mom isn’t sitting at the kitchen table without her top on. I also said to the teenage boy, that since he goes without a shirt on hot days, why can’t mom? Of course, he thought I was disgusting. Jeez. They are only boobs son, you have them.

What do you think, is nudity no longer a problem as you get older or are you covering up more now?

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  1. Your kids are the opposite of how I was as a kid and teen. I was never truly bothered by seeing my own mother nude as a small child, but I thought it was slightly awkward to see her nude when I was a small child. It wasn’t until middle school and the post gym-class showers that I grew completely comfortable with seeing other females nude, my mom included. I had also been shy about me being nude in front of my mother previous to that. But when I hit my teens I no longer was embarrassed by my mom seeing me nude. My father and I have never been comfortable being nude in front of each other, to this very day. We had a pool in our backyard when I was a teen. We had a high privacy fence, and no-one could see in to the yard, so I loved to swim nude every chance I got. But I was never willing to go nude when my dad was home.

    Great topic. Thanks so much for writing it. It’s kind of sad to see that there are so many people that are so uptight these days about innocent non-sexual nudity. On the plus side, I have been noticing more and more females at the pool over the last couple of years that are more willing to change out in the open instead of going into a filthy toilet stall to change.

    Thanks again!

    1. My kids don’t like it at all, so I warn them now! This afternoon, it was very hot, so I told the teenage boy I was going for a swim and yes I would be topless. He hides in the basement watching movies.

      I agree, it is sad to see so many uptight people about innocent non-sexual nudity. The kids say it is okay if their friends are swimming in the nude, but not mom, they think I am weird.

  2. My middle school and high school required all students to take nude group showers after gym class. So I grew up from ages 11 through 17 showering with large groups of girls, so I grew comfortable with nudity, be it mine or that of other females.

    I don’t want my daughter to grow up feeling overly shy about her body, especially if it’s only around other females. I want her to have a healthy body image! So when I take her to the local pool for a swim, I make sure that she and I always shower in the nude in the open showers in the women’s locker room after our swims. That way she’ll be used to it by the time she starts middle school. She’s only 6 years old right now, and so far she couldn’t care less if other girls see her nude when were in the locker room. My daughters best friend and her mother have gone with us a few times. Our little girls seem to get a kick out of running around in the nude in the locker room. It’s so cute to watch.

    1. I did the same when the kids were young, I don’t know what happened. My cousin’s husband is a nudist, and when we visited him a few years ago, he was completely nude during our visit. The kids were teenagers and handled it well, but mom going topless in the pool just grosses them out. Apparently it is fine with their friends, but for mom & dad to go nude it is a whole different ballgame.

  3. Oh god you’ve just reminded me of my Mum when I was a teenager. She used to go on and on about how lovely it was to swim with no top on! Then she’d tell me to do it too. In front of my Dad! *shudders*
    Each to his own though, you go for it!

  4. Breastfeeding my youngest has taught me to be proud of my body and I now feel comfortable with it. I love my wobbly bits and stretch marks. Here, women are not allowed to go topless though. I don’t know whether I would or not. I happily breast feed in public and have never met with any negative reaction.

  5. I’m not yet as brave as you, but I do nurse in public, although sometimes I get self concious when rude people look disgusted- thankfully they are few and far between and I will continue to nurse in public when needed. As a side note after having my 2 children, I feel better about my body, strech marks and all (and just ask my mom I got ALOT of stretch makes).

  6. I think it’s wonderful that you have such a healthy body image. Good for you! I’ll be the one sitting under the umbrella in a mumu!

  7. I’ve done the topless beaches, but that was pre-kids when the girls were cute and perky. I agree that we are more free with our bodies as we get older. It’s a comfort and confidence thing.

    1. At dinnertime today, we had the discussion about going topless when swimming, but the 22yr old, 19yr old, & 17yr old were not impressed with mom at all. Middle child said I was too old and yes ‘saggy’, where the other two, just said well it is gross and we don’t live in Europe! Thus, I will only swim topless when they are not around, since apparently I will traumatize all three of them. Where did I go wrong?

  8. So true. You only need to visit the nude beaches in Europe. Those letting it all hang out are the ones who probably shouldn’t 😉 The young are so self-conscious when they should be flaunting it! You go, girl!!

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