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Ontario to Whitehorse Vacation

In the summer of 2018, I decided my husband and I would visit my Uncle Bob in British Columbia. He is my last surviving uncle, and has always been a favourite. It was decided we would drive instead of flying, camping in our two-person tent, visiting a few of my blogging friends (friends my husband has never met), and since we were going all the way to British Columbia, we might as well drive up to the Yukon!

Our route had a few definite destinations, otherwise we were winging it, much to the surprise of my husband, who believed I had a route already planned. The only things I did have arranged were our visits to my blogging friends, one on Mantoulin Island, one in Saskatchewan, and another in Calgary. Plus I promised my husband I would take my husband to Dinosaur Provincial Park – the one and only bucket list item he has ever had. My husband is a homebody, he loves where we live, and really has no desire to travel.

So for five weeks, during the month of July, and the first week of August 2018, we drove from our home in Hamilton, Ontario, up to Mantoulin Island, through northwestern Ontario, the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, up through the rockies to Whitehorse in the Yukon, down through the interior of British Columbia towards Chilliwack to visit my Uncle Bob for a few days, Vancouver, then over to Vancouver Island, and finally back home.

When we finally arrived home, we had added 13,918 kilometres to our vehicle. Then after a few days of rest, the husband happily returned to work. When talking to family, co-workers, and friends, he told them, that even though he thought his wife had crazy idea, it was the best vacation we have had……I, of course add….so far.