Our vacation in Jamaica

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Before leaving for our vacation in Jamaica, I dropped my Blackberry Z10 cell phone in water; I quickly dried it but the touchscreen was not working properly. I took my phone with me to Jamaica hoping it would come back to life if I put it in rice for a day or so. After the phone was in rice for a day, I re-inserted the battery in hopes the phone would work. Now I was sitting on the 2nd floor balcony as I fiddled with the phone, but what happens? I dropped the phone, hearing it land on the cement below us! After running downstairs I looked and looked for the phone but could not find it. A security guard happened to walk by and I enlisted his help. We finally find the phone and to my surprise it is still in one piece. I put the phone away for the rest of our trip. The news of me dropping my phone of the balcony spread quickly around the resort, and everyone I bumped into, would say “oh you’re the lady that dropped her phone” and then there would be laughter. Geez.

Our flight arrived on time in Jamaica but what I didn’t realize, is Jamaica is one hour behind, so the three hour plane ride was actually four hours. We had started the day by leaving our house at 5:30 a.m. so we could be at the airport three hours before our flight.
Toronto airport

Once in Jamaica, we find our bus that will take us to the Grand Lido Resort in Negril. It is another two hours before we arrive at the resort. At the Grand Lido we are given drinks as they try to find a room suitable for me. Apparently me having a cane threw them off.
Having my first drink at the resort.

The room they give us is on the second floor and there are a lot of stairs for me to climb, plus the balcony is incredibly small for two people. We stayed in this room for one night, deciding to upgrade to another room on the ground floor. The first room they offer us is at the far end of the resort, which would have required even more walking for me, so I ask if there are any ground floor rooms on the clothing optional side and there is! The benefit of the clothing optional side was we were about twenty feet from the beach, and the beach was private so there would be no one asking if we wanted to buy this or that (and marijuana), a common occurrence on the public beach. Since this was the clothing optional side, no cameras were allowed which was a good thing, because it took us no time at all to go naked with everyone else. As DH said, there were no super models, so going nude wasn’t a big deal, and it felt quite liberating. When we were dressed to go to a restaurant, we had a hard time recognizing anyone because they were clothed.

We spend part of our second day snorkeling and taking pictures of what I would describe as swimming in an aquarium. The fish were unbelievably beautiful and scary at the same time. The lion fish and scorpion fish are poisonous.

Later that day, we ventured outside the resort to a nearby market. The wares the Jamaicans were selling were quite lovely and everyone tries to lure you to their store. On Thursday we were out snorkeling by 8 a.m. again, and when we weren’t in the water, we were sunbathing, drinking, eating and just enjoying our vacation.

On Friday we take a cab to the Kuyuba restaurant in Negril to meet a twitter friend of mine (@Petchary). Her and her husband had taken a five hour bus ride from Kingston, Jamaica just so we could meet! Emma and her husband were just lovely to chat with over a long lunch.
Emma and I

During our vacation we phoned the kids daily, told them we were on the clothing optional side of the resort, and all three of them thought we were gross. lol The resort had a 24 hour coffee shop which I just loved. Having a latte reminded me of home and our server Arlene was fabulous.
Arlene and I in the 24 hour coffee shop
The rest of our vacation is spent snorkeling two or three times a day, and just enjoying ourselves.

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  1. Nice! Great slideshow. Swimming naked is the best feeling, it’s really incomparable. My kids just turned 8 and 10 and it’s only been the last two years where they’ve developed a sense of who is naked and who isn’t. They know where they came from right? I remind them just in case. 😀 That’s what moms are for!

    1. Great attitude. My children, who are much older (25, 22, 20) think we are weird but it would be okay for them to swim nude with their friends. They laugh and put up with us though.

      It was the first time we were at a clothing optional resort, I will definitely go back, being nude, swimming or otherwise feels great, very liberating. Plus since everyone was basically the same age, there was no gawking, we all had imperfect bodies that we were comfortable in.

      1. Sounds like a great experience. If I ever get to travel to Jamaica, I’ll make sure to head to some public beaches so that locals can sell me their local product. And then I’ll look for the private nude beaches.

  2. Can’t believe I never commented on this awesome post! It was SO lovely meeting you and your dear hubby Catherine and we would do the 5-hour bus trip again! I never really looked closely at the slides before and didn’t notice the boobs either!! I am so glad you had a good time on our at times crazy little island!

  3. Beautiful pictures. What were you using to shoot underwater. Love the one of you holding the starfish. That is so neat that you got to meet an online friend. What’s a vacation without a 24 hour coffee bar! So glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself.

    Besos, Sarah

  4. You little nudist, you!! 😛

    That is awesome! I am caught somewhere between surprised and not-at-all surprised. 😉

    I think it’s hilarious your kids thought you were gross! You are raising prudes! 😀

    Sounds like vacation was fantastic! Great photos!

    1. I know, I can’t believe the attitude of my children, prudes they are!

      It was a wonderful vacation, and next year, I’m sure I can probably get my husband to go to Hedonism!

        1. Yes they were, or they didn’t seem to care. There were no teenagers there, most were thirty and older, lots of floppy bits on some, whereas others were in great shape. No one cared though, everyone was comfortable in their own skin. It was a great atmosphere.

          1. That actually is pretty amazing!

            It’s really important to be comfortable in your own skin – even if it’s in a parka!


          2. I like your optimistic outlook!

            I am awaiting the little “alarm” bird that sings outside my window each morning. So far? Nada!

          3. I did see a robin a while back, but then we had a lot of winter after that.

            There’s hope though. I walked this morning and could hear singing birds now and then. It is encouraging!

    1. My phone is actually okay, my eldest daughter, took it all apart, cleaned one spot, and it is fine. I was lucky. Oh I’m sorry about your internet connection, the pictures are lovely. as was the holiday.

    1. Meeting @Petchary and her husband was so cool, especially since it is quite rare to meet someone in person on Twitter that lives thousands of kilometres away. I will easily let loose again, would love to do it in the house, but the kids tend to nix that idea for me.

  5. Oh it sounds like heaven. I dived in St Lucia once, having learned in a UK quarry pit, and was astonished by all the colours!
    Not sure I could handle the naked thing though!

    1. The naked thing was honestly a breeze, especially since there were no super models as my husband put it. I would love to go even further now and learn to scuba dive, because as you say, the colours are amazing.

    1. I believe perimenopause has changed me quite a bit in that respect. Going naked was no biggy, and it actually felt good. I really am not enjoying being back in clothes again, lol.

      No sand in the butt here. 🙂

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