She’s up again

Well this past month has certainly been interesting, my blog (still on WordPress) but moved was down for two whole days which drove me crazy since I was told to wait and see if the database would figure itself out. Well it didn’t, but after a quick, okay not so quick phone call by the eldest, the database was once again pointed in the correct direction, magically bringing everything back to the way it was.

About a month ago, after days of nagging pleasant conjoling and flattery, I was able to convince my husband that moving from our house to the country would be a good idea. Now we have lived in our present house for almost twenty-four years, and for these twenty-four years Matt has had the luxury of being able to walk back and forth to work. Now granted it is not always an easy walk since it requires him to go up and down the escarpment, taking him approximately twenty to thirty minutes depending on the weather. He is not a Postman, but like a Postman, he is not stopped by rain, sleet, or snow. In all of his years of walking, he has maybe taken the bus twice, he has ridden his bike, but then takes a different route extending the commute to an hour (yes, he does that for fun).

The worst part of deciding to move was, of course telling our adult children. Our eldest doesn’t have an issue since she herself moved out over a year ago, though it wasn’t until last weekend that she finally took her life-size giraffe to her house.
Our daughter's stuffed giraffe
Middle child was also fine with the move, stating our home would be wherever we were, but she also said that I was unconsciously telling her it was time to move out herself, (I emailed her a picture of her belongings being stored in boxes).


Now granted middle child is currently living in Seoul, South Korea for a year, while mom and dad are suppose to keep her bedroom the way she left it. Oops!

Next was to discuss the move with our youngest, who is currently away studying at university. Each time I brought up the idea of mom and dad moving, well the conversation did not go as one would hope. Thankfully, on her own doing the eldest was able to explain to her brother why mom and dad have decided to move. Thus we can now discuss the idea with him, though he has told us, he will not live in the country. Either way, we will still buy a house, with a bedroom for him, and a bedroom for middle child, who one day will come back to Canada.

So with a move on the horizon, Matt now spends his time painting and repairing whatever is on the list I have written so we can put the house up for sale. I spend my time packing our lives into boxes, making my husband’s to-do list longer, and looking for a new house in the country so I may have chickens, and a goat down the road.

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  1. Wow… exciting times ahead! Good luck with the packing; I can’t wait to see where you end up. I love the idea of moving 250 miles away and living by the coast – our daughters are horrified every time we mention it!

  2. Seems like we’re all on the move, Cathy. Good luck to hubby with all those little repair jobs he has to do, and to you with the packing. It can a be a very stressful time, but we get through it eventually. Hope you find the perfect house. 🙂

  3. I LOVE THE IDEA of moving to the country! I think it will be SO Much better for your family to get some fresh country air! It’s so brave congrats!

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