Shits & Giggles

Sunday morning, our seventeen year old son was up bright & early (11 a.m.), gathering notes, paper, and my laptop. Apparently he had homework due Monday morning. I didn’t bother him all day, because I was relaxing from the surprise party given for my husband the previous day. After going to sleep around ten, I was up again at midnight, a midnight run to the toilet. Our son is in there brushing his teeth, “you know son, you will be getting a lecture tomorrow, for doing your homework at the last minute again.” “ Ya, I know mom.” I went back to bed.

I didn’t see him off in the morning, so the lecture would have to wait until he came home from school. Recently, he applied to various universities, hoping to study history and philosophy in the fall. So when the mail arrived, and it was addressed to him, I knew he would be excited to open the letters from Carleton and the University of Ottawa. I would now leave the lecture for after he opened his mail.

The first letter he opened was from the University of Ottawa, not his first choice, but they had offered him early admittance based on his grade eleven marks. With loads of excitement he started reading the letter to me. They have offered him a scholarship as long as his marks stay above 85%, this is not a problem for him. He now remembers, I am to give him a lecture about doing assignments at the last minute. I try to start my talk, but he immediately interrupts me, saying I received a scholarship mom! My spiel about time management is going down the tube. He starts giving me a talk, stating doing assignments at the last minute has worked for him all through high school, and look I’ve received a scholarship mom, so whatever you are going to say, isn’t going to work, because my marks are great, ‘shits & giggles mom”. Dad laughs under his breath, while I give him a dirty look. ‘Shits & giggles’, what the heck does that mean? Dad: “you’ve lost the battle about homework.”

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