Should I attend Blissdom 2013

To go to Blissdom 2013 is the issue I am struggling with since I did not have a successful time last year Blissdom2012. I am a blogger, but not a blogger who is out to make money. I blog to keep my mind active and some days just to keep my sanity. So is Blissdom for me?

Early bird tickets are on sale now and they are of course, a better price, but the agenda has yet to be finalized. How do you sign up for something when you don’t know who the keynote speakers are or what the microsessions will entail? The early bird price is available until the end of July so I am hoping there will be more information so I can make a decision on whether or not to go?

What would you do? Would you sign up for a conference when you don’t know who the keynotes are or what the microsessions will be about?

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  1. Lots of us sign up to the Britmums conf without knowing who is speaking, but their history stands them in good stead and has earned the required faith for it, but, to many, it’s much more of an opportunity to socialise and they know that they’ll enjoy that much for sure – so I guess perhaps consider that aspect of it? x

  2. I am remembering your post last year regarding this event and it did seem to me that you didn’t really enjoy it. Would it be worth the money?

    Of course, if money isn’t an issue…and you’re are interested in attending…I say, why the heck not. Perhaps this year will be better.

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