Support comes in different ways.

Today my seventeen year old son and I went to the hospital to support my sister-in-law and my brother through her chemo treatment. It was another long day for them, and after three hours we had to leave. My son was wondering what the point of the visit was, since my SIL (sister-in-law) neither chatted nor smiled while we were there. I explained that as of yesterday, she was now on new painkillers and those were making her quite ill, and there was more medicine she was taking for the nausea. I went on to say, that sometimes the support isn’t necessarily for my SIL but for my brother. He needs a distraction from everything that is going on and if we can chat to him, it helps in aiding his pain. Thus my brother talked all about the new job he starts next week, he chatted about the benefits of university, he laughed, and generally had a good time with my son.

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