Day 19, Beaumont Provincial Park to Chilliwack, British Columbia

Mileage 8009.8, on the road at 8:38 a.m. This was an exceptionally long day spent in the car; for some silly reason we decided to drive all day with the goal of reaching my Uncle Bob’s house before nightfall. I’m not sure why we didn’t break it up into a two day drive, considering there were many different places we could have set up camp.

The drive may have been long, but the scenery was spectacular as expected. There were times when driving on the highway, beside the Fraser River, where I had to close my eyes. The twists and turns at highway speeds, and when you looked out the window it was a straight drop down to the Fraser River.

Fraser River British Columbia
Driving along the Fraser River in British Columbia.
View of the Fraser River, British Columbia
View of the Fraser River, British Columbia
108 Mile House, British Columbia
We stopped at 108 Mile House, Heritage Site, British Columbia for a picnic lunch.
108 Mile House, British Columbia
108 Mile House, British Columbia
Cache Creek, British Columbia
Cache Creek, British Columbia
Driving through a tunnel in British Columbia
Driving through a tunnel in British Columbia

The next few days were spent with my Uncle Bob, his wife Aunt Willie, and their daughter. This was a welcomed rest from the long drive, I was also able to do some laundry

Ontario to Whitehorse, Day One

For years, my last surviving Uncle has asked me to visit him in Chilliwack, British Columbia (I had flown out when I was a teenager), but it was time to go again. So figuring that we would be driving all the way, I said to my husband that I also wanted to go to the Yukon, after all, it would be unlikely we would ever have the opportunity again. My husband, having worked at the hospital for over twenty-eight years, has earned seven weeks holidays each year, so I suggested he take five of those weeks. He, of course, thought I was insane, and was not completely convinced he wanted to drive that far, so I needed a ‘hook’ to get him on-board. It didn’t take long for us to come up with the ‘hook’ – enter Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta

The trip was on!

Day one, Total kilometres to ferry 300.

We were both agreed to arise around 4 a.m. but the husband thought he would be a really sweet guy and let me sleep in, this as it turned out was bad idea, as I forgot numerous things while I tried to finish packing everything in a half-hour, have coffee, get dressed, etc. Both of us were in the car at 6 a.m., said our goodbyes to the young man who would be left in charge of the house, my vegetable garden, and most importantly our two dogs. I think my husband drove about an hour and a half when he realized he forgot his wallet! No driver’s licence! Quickly phone the young man, who thankfully is still at home rather than on a trail walking our dogs. I ask him to drive an hour to highway 401 and 6, where we, in turn will drive an hour back, and meet him at the car park. This normally would not be such a big deal but we had booked ourselves a spot on the ferry from Tobermory, Ontario to South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island.
Chi-Cheemaun Ferry to Manitoulin Island
Leaving Tobermory on the ferry
Matt and I on the ferry to South Baymouth

On the ferry from Tobermory to South BaymouthOnce on Manitoulin Island the plan was to meet up with fellow Blogger Christine, who had graciously offered to be our host, show us around the island and even put us up for the night.
Christine and I
Christine, her husband and daughter gave us an amazing tour of Manitoulin Island. One of our first stops was Bridal Veil Falls for a wonderful swim.
Bridal Veil FallsEnjoying the water Bridal Falls
Next was a visit to Manitoulin Chocolate Works, then dinner at The Trough. Later, exhausted from the whirlwind tour of the island, Christine put us up for the night, and our first good night’s sleep was well earned.

Sandhill Crane on Manitoulin Island: