Graduation 2012

Where does the time go? The teenage boy had his grade twelve prom the other day, all dressed up in a suit and tie. He had the corsage for his date and the boutonniere for himself. Hubby and I went with him to pick up his date, because I wanted pictures and they would be meeting the rest of his group down at the bayfront (I cleared this with him first, making sure mom & dad wouldn’t make him feel uncomfortable). Putting the corsage on his date was easy, it wasn’t one to pin but one she would wear around her wrist, snap first picture. Next, his date had to pin the boutonniere on his lapel, laughter ensued, she couldn’t do it, mom’s help was needed. We were then off to the Hamilton bayfront, an absolutely lovely place for pictures. Numerous parents were there, all telling the kids how to pose, but some of the best pictures came when the kids didn’t realize they were being photographed. Seeing the smiles of accomplishment on their faces was wonderful!

DSC_0459 (1024x685)

Can you see them smiling?