The lump on my husband’s breast

A while ago, hubby noticed he had developed a small but painful lump under his right breast and told me. I didn’t necessarily panic but I did immediately phone for a doctor’s appointment and then I Googled, which of course, we all know is a bad because the first thing to come up is Cancer. Well a lot of good that does me! Luckily our family doctor saw my husband the next day, and he was referred to a specialist to make sure that the lump was nothing to worry about. We didn’t have to wait long for the appointment which is a good thing, less time for me to worry.  The specialist was especially nice and reassured us that it was probably nothing but he would take a biopsy to be sure. So right then and there out comes the needle and into my husband’s breast. As I watched I could not believe that he did not even wince from the pain, I would have screamed for sure! We could phone for the results in a week. Exactly a week goes by, and I call, one of the scariest calls I’ve made. It’s not Cancer.

Months have gone by, the lump is still there and it has gotten much larger so I phone the specialist again. The nurse is very nice and says if it has gotten bigger, my husband should definitely come in and have it looked at again. We see the specialist, it most likely isn’t Cancer but hubby should have a mammogram and ultrasound to be safe. Well, being his wife and someone who has had her boobs squished between what I would consider to be cement bricks, I naturally burst out laughing. The specialist smiled and said most wives respond that way, some sort of revenge thing. We go next door to x-ray, and glory be there is an immediate opening, as hubby shakes his head no, I say too bad, get in there and have fun. After his mammogram, hubby is only a tad bit sympathetic, but did agree, there were awkward positions he had to move in for the test. We are now waiting for the results.