Our vacation in Jamaica

Fan tree
Before leaving for our vacation in Jamaica, I dropped my Blackberry Z10 cell phone in water; I quickly dried it but the touchscreen was not working properly. I took my phone with me to Jamaica hoping it would come back to life if I put it in rice for a day or so. After the phone was in rice for a day, I re-inserted the battery in hopes the phone would work. Now I was sitting on the 2nd floor balcony as I fiddled with the phone, but what happens? I dropped the phone, hearing it land on the cement below us! After running downstairs I looked and looked for the phone but could not find it. A security guard happened to walk by and I enlisted his help. We finally find the phone and to my surprise it is still in one piece. I put the phone away for the rest of our trip. The news of me dropping my phone of the balcony spread quickly around the resort, and everyone I bumped into, would say “oh you’re the lady that dropped her phone” and then there would be laughter. Geez.

Our flight arrived on time in Jamaica but what I didn’t realize, is Jamaica is one hour behind, so the three hour plane ride was actually four hours. We had started the day by leaving our house at 5:30 a.m. so we could be at the airport three hours before our flight.
Toronto airport

Once in Jamaica, we find our bus that will take us to the Grand Lido Resort in Negril. It is another two hours before we arrive at the resort. At the Grand Lido we are given drinks as they try to find a room suitable for me. Apparently me having a cane threw them off.
Having my first drink at the resort.

The room they give us is on the second floor and there are a lot of stairs for me to climb, plus the balcony is incredibly small for two people. We stayed in this room for one night, deciding to upgrade to another room on the ground floor. The first room they offer us is at the far end of the resort, which would have required even more walking for me, so I ask if there are any ground floor rooms on the clothing optional side and there is! The benefit of the clothing optional side was we were about twenty feet from the beach, and the beach was private so there would be no one asking if we wanted to buy this or that (and marijuana), a common occurrence on the public beach. Since this was the clothing optional side, no cameras were allowed which was a good thing, because it took us no time at all to go naked with everyone else. As DH said, there were no super models, so going nude wasn’t a big deal, and it felt quite liberating. When we were dressed to go to a restaurant, we had a hard time recognizing anyone because they were clothed.

We spend part of our second day snorkeling and taking pictures of what I would describe as swimming in an aquarium. The fish were unbelievably beautiful and scary at the same time. The lion fish and scorpion fish are poisonous.

Later that day, we ventured outside the resort to a nearby market. The wares the Jamaicans were selling were quite lovely and everyone tries to lure you to their store. On Thursday we were out snorkeling by 8 a.m. again, and when we weren’t in the water, we were sunbathing, drinking, eating and just enjoying our vacation.

On Friday we take a cab to the Kuyuba restaurant in Negril to meet a twitter friend of mine (@Petchary). Her and her husband had taken a five hour bus ride from Kingston, Jamaica just so we could meet! Emma and her husband were just lovely to chat with over a long lunch.
Emma and I

During our vacation we phoned the kids daily, told them we were on the clothing optional side of the resort, and all three of them thought we were gross. lol The resort had a 24 hour coffee shop which I just loved. Having a latte reminded me of home and our server Arlene was fabulous.
Arlene and I in the 24 hour coffee shop
The rest of our vacation is spent snorkeling two or three times a day, and just enjoying ourselves.

To go nude or not to go nude?

When I was in high school I purchased a very risqué bathing suit, to say the least my father was not impressed, whereas my mother gave me some slack and told him all the teenagers were wearing such suits.  The one piece suit was a pale yellow with a Vee-neck line, then lace starting just below the breasts and ending, well just in time not to show anything else. The back of the suit was pretty much just strings with a bit of material covering my butt. If you can visualize all of it, well what there was of it, then you can understand why my father was not pleased.

I had a lovely figure back then, before children of course and spent lots of time at the beach with girlfriends. We really didn’t go swimming, just walked along the sand in our suits. I remember we were chatting with two of the life guards, and poor young man was wearing a speedo. Now speedos are either the worst invention or the best invention. Either way, they certainly do not leave anything to the imagination and god help the guy who gets an erection, he pretty much has to go hide or think of his mother to calm himself down. Well, this poor guy saw my yellow suit and that was enough for him. I felt bad, for the exceptionally good looking guy, as he had to walk away and just stare out at Lake Ontario.

As the years went by, I became uncomfortable with my body, the weight I never lost after having my third child. Then I started perimenopause in my early forties, just enough to screw around with my hormones and change my way of thinking. Certainly I would love to lose weight and I do have a plan to tackle that issue, even so, I once again became comfortable in my skin.

Which brings me to our upcoming vacation in Jamaica. The adults only resort just happens to have a nude beach. Going topless is not an issue, but will I be comfortable enough to drop the bottoms and just relax in the sunshine? There is something to say about swimming in the buff, no restrictions, the freedom, it does feel great, but to go completely nude in front of others, hmmm. We will just have to wait and see. One thing I can say though, there will be no pictures, well unless they are for my husband’s eyes only.

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin for a nude beach?


When I was in high school I would never get changed in front of other girls in gym class, I don’t know what I was so afraid of but I just couldn’t do it. Fast forward a lot of years into my forties and something happened, I can only blame it on perimenopause, because I was no longer afraid of my nudity. I started wearing low-cut shirts, blouses, and sundresses, much to the dismay of my kids, though not my husband (I would also go swimming without the bathing suit top but I was considerate and made sure they were not around). The reason I gave them, was that it is legal to go topless in Ontario, and they should actually be happy, that well, mom isn’t sitting at the kitchen table without her top on. I also said to the teenage boy, that since he goes without a shirt on hot days, why can’t mom? Of course, he thought I was disgusting. Jeez. They are only boobs son, you have them.

What do you think, is nudity no longer a problem as you get older or are you covering up more now?