Kerosene Lanterns

Hubby and I had just returned from camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park when it reminded me of our family camping excursion to Killbear Provincial Park years ago with our children. The eldest was five, middle child three, and the teenage boy was two. It was pretty amazing what a good time we were having that week considering most of it had been spent in the kitchen tent due to rain. The kids had been through most of their clothing, so when it had finally stopped raining I washed all of their socks which were covered in mud and then dried them over a fire. Once they were dried, they were warm but smelled quite smoky, the kids of course didn’t mind, they were troopers. During the evening we would sit in the kitchen tent playing games with light from one of our kerosene lanterns.

One evening though, turned out to be quite frightening. The one kerosene lantern we were using was quite old and probably not our best choice. The kids were sitting around the picnic table, I was at the other end in a lawn chair and hubby was sitting across from middle child, filling the lantern with kerosene. One minute all was quite calm as we were watching hubby work on the lantern when for some reason the lantern sprayed kerosene all over middle child. In a split second, hubby had middle child in his arms telling her to keep her eyes and mouth open as I poured jugs of water over her face and body. When all the water was used up, middle child was in awe of what was happening but not understanding the seriousness of the situation. Once we realized she was okay, hubby took her to the comfort station for a long shower to make sure there was no lingering kerosene on her. After that frightful evening, the kerosene lantern was disposed of and never to be used again.  We still use kerosene lanterns but they are new and when filled, hubby is far away from everyone.

Children and Swimming

We were all sitting in the backyard planning my grandmother’s eightieth birthday party. There were five adults sitting under a tent, and a few adults sitting by the two-foot deep kids pool. Since I was in the tent trying to organize the surprise birthday party, I asked my husband to watch our eldest, five at the time, and middle child age two at the time. Now both of my girls had been in swimming lessons since they were infants, but you still had to watch especially when they were quite a few kids in the pool horsing around. Middle child was wearing water wings, and this would be the last time she wore them.  I don’t know what happened but my husband was distracted and when I looked over, middle child was bent over, head fully emerged in water, arms sticking out. She couldn’t right herself because of the water wings. I dropped my glass, spilling it all over the table, jumped over people, ran to the pool, just to grab her in time. I pulled her out, she was gasping for her breath. I flipped, yelling at my husband, I don’t really know what I said because I was so scared we had lost her.

The lesson here: watch your kids, enrol them in swimming lessons, the summer is here and so is the heat. A child can drown in very little water.

Two days in the life of middle child & I

Yesterday middle child was feeling quite sad because she wouldn’t be joining us for dinner. See, she decided to stay for spring/summer school while her older sister had returned home for the summer. She naturally phoned me just as I was making dinner, nothing grand but as usual supper is always eaten at the dinner table (unless it is Friday when I don’t cook). Since we were already chatting on Skype, middle child asked if I would set the laptop up at the end of the table so she could join us. Little did I know she would print-screen me! If you look closely, she is in the upper right hand corner.

Print screened


The next day was much better for middle child, she received her ‘Hunter’ rain boots in the mail.

7:58 a.m. Middle child: Walked right through a puddle and no leakage. It’s awesome.
Me: oohlala
Middle child:  Yah man I feel very awesome doing that. (She’s 19 and feeling awesome!)
Me: Glad to hear you enjoy puddle hoping. (Really? At her age?)
Middle child:  Thank you for the rain boots.
Me:  You’re welcome.
Middle child: Why are you up so early? (Because your father decided to sleep in and someone had to feed the damn dog).
Me: Fed the pooch. Debating on a walk but I have neither rain boots nor a rain coat. (Money was spent on the ‘Hunter’ rain boots and your orthotics, waiting for rebate from insurance company).
Middle child: I bought soy milk yesterday. I’m going to try to cut all bad stuff out. I went for a walk Mom, it was nice.
Me: Just read an article on milk. Skim milk is best followed by soy. (Everything that mom reads is right).
Middle child: I don’t like skim milk at all.
Me: It is fine.
Middle child: You know when you eat an apple and its, like your first bite and you know its going to be a good apple. I had a delicious apple this morning. (Is she on something? This is weird).
Me: Okay, I’m happy for you. (Geez, it’s just an apple).
Middle child: Thanks.
Me: Have fun in school. (I’m going back to bed).
Middle child: Thanks.
Me: Bye
Middle child: sends icon of heart.
Me: sends icon of heart.