Does the role of ‘mommy’ disappear as the children grow up?

Today I took my 22 year old daughter out for a latte after her dentist appointment. We were basically wasting time before I was to drop her off at the bus depot. See, she attends college in another city so I am lucky if she returns home the odd weekend. I am spoiled this month because she came home for her father’s birthday, then a dental appointment, and next weekend an orthodontist appointment. But I digress, I didn’t realize the whole significance of the latte visit until I arrived home without her. My dear husband believes I over think things, yet having a latte with one’s 22 year old is like having a latte with a friend, and that is the scary part. My daughter is all grown up, and chatting with me like a friend. I am not ready for this, I want to be a mommy still. It’s weird, when we are at home having a coffee in the living room, she is still my daughter but at the coffee shop, she somehow becomes a friend. I don’t know the meaning of this. All I know is that I still want to be a mommy. So I ask, does the role of ‘mommy’ disappear as the children grow up?