Mom has a potty mouth

The eldest was around two years old and we were on are way to Grandma’s house for Christmas, when all of a sudden, our innocent daughter, started yelling fuck, fuck, and fuck, over and over again. Now back then I was really good about not swearing in front of our daughter, but obviously she had heard it somewhere but not from me and our only hope would be that she would stop before we arrived. Thus we ignored her, and thank the lord, she stopped.

Fast forward a lot of years and our children are no longer children. The teenage boy will be 19 this summer, middle child 21, the eldest 24 and mom who has also grown older no longer bites her tongue. I don’t quite know when it happened by it did, fuck is a common word in my vocabulary. There are some situations where I consciously try not to swear (Twitter for some reason), but mostly I don’t hold back. For example, when I was visiting the teenage boy at university a few weeks ago, he introduced me to one of his friends at breakfast. After the hi, how are you, it was “fuck, it’s cold outside”, his friend laughed, agreed and after a few more pleasantries was on his way. Chuckling, the teenage boy says “way to go mom, “fuck” right off the bat”, me: “well, do you want me to pretend to talk like someone I’m not?” He laughs more and responds with a resounding “No”. We smile at each other, turn back to our breakfast and continue eating.

Do you swear in front of your kids?