I’ve lost my oomph

Every once in a while I lose what I like to refer to as my “oomph”. You know what it is, you get up in the morning with a smile, all ready to attack the day. Well, I haven’t been waking up with a smile and I certainly have no gumption to attack the day. I force myself out of bed, have a coffee, sit down, boot up the laptop and then stare at it. I have very little interest in reading emails, blogs, checking Facebook or Twitter.

Sometimes it seems I’ve had to much information thrown at me and it is time to shut it all down for a few days. I turn off the laptop, the television, and return to “old school” enjoyments. I open a book to read, I pick up my knitting or sewing, I ignore the outside world. By stepping back from everything, I have time for contemplation, self-reflection and hope my “oomph” returns.


What do you do to regain your oomph? Have you ever lost your oomp?

The 17 year quilt project

When the eldest was five years old, I decided I would make a quilt for her bed. Not just any quilt, but one that would last years and fit the size of a double bed. Now back then my health was much better and I was able to sit at the sewing machine for more than an hour or so. The quilt probably took me about six months to design and sew but since I had never made one before, I thought this was good timing. It turned out fabulous and over the years it has been re-sewn many a time, and finally a cover was made for it. The eldest is now twenty-three, and she still uses the quilt on occasion. A few years after my first quilt, I made a second one for middle child. Years went by and as my health deteriorated, sewing became less and less. Thus the seventeen year quilt project came into existence.

Our youngest, the teenage boy is still without a quilt and reminds me of this quite frequently. If I ask him why he hasn’t done a particular chore, he will ask where his quilt is? Finally, I asked him what design he would like? This decision took him approximately a year or so and then when he did give me the design he wanted, I cringed. It is beautiful but ridiculously difficult and I am not that good of a sewer. Either way, it was the design he wanted and of course it had to be large enough to fit his queen-sized mattress.

About a year ago, I enlisted the help of my husband to assist with drawing and cutting out the pattern and he even said I was nuts to try to sew it, but it is what the teenage boy wanted and I have slacked in making his quilt. So far I have sewn the base, cut out the parts of the star and ironed them for sewing but nothing has happened since then. My excuse is the nice weather came, I am busy with my garden, swimming and I can only sit for short periods of time. Luckily the teenage boy decided to attend university in town, so I figure I have at least another year before he may move out. The seventeen year quilt project will easily become the eighteen year quilt but it will be made with love, so I think he will use it for at least eighteen years.