A busy month, the kids move home, and we go out

Well this past month has been quite busy with the young man moving back home from university, and starting a new job. Middle child is now home and working almost full-time hours, as she is still going to school one day a week. She is also playing soccer along with her sister who commutes in for games. Add in hubby’s work schedule and we are all over the place trying to coordinate things. Then you have me, who is in charge of coordinating, and I am without a laptop for five weeks (that’s a whole other story). Some days are just insane, with one going this way, another going that way, and so on. Do I ever know who will be home for dinner? Nope, but I still have to cook meals for four, making sure there are leftovers (everyone loves leftovers, except me).

With our crazy schedules, hubby and I still found time to attend a concert in Toronto to see Calexico. Not wanting to drive because of summer construction having already started (people tend to say Canada has two seasons “Construction and Winter”), we took the bus and streetcar. Neither one of us is all too familiar with Toronto, but with instructions from my sister we were able to navigate our way to The Opera House. We had thought we would have had time to sit down for a dinner when we arrived but that was not the case. So as we walked the numerous blocks from the Go Bus Station to the streetcar we grabbed a sausage in a bun from when of the street vendors (they were delicious, but when you are really hungry any food seems to be fabulous). The kids were amazed that I was able to eat my sausage, walk with my cane, and not spill a drop on me. When we arrived at our destination, we did have time for hubby to have a beer and me a soda water with lime. We then lined up for the concert.

Picture of the Opera House

Once we were inside The Opera House, it was not at all what I had expected. There were no seats on the first floor! Just a few tables for leaning on, but there were three bars, lol. At a loss, I suggested we try the second floor where there was another bar, and five tables each with two bar chairs. We tried the lower balcony but there was only a very long bench which was already full. We quickly went back up the twelve stairs in complete utter darkness, people were using their cell phones to see their way, and grabbed the last table with chairs.

Picture of the stage in the Opera House

The opening singer for the band was Gaby Moreno from Guatemala. She sang in both English and Spanish and what a voice! Her music is a mixture of R&B and Jazz. As she sang, her fingers meticulously worked the guitar strings. If you ever have the opportunity to see her in concert, I highly recommend the show, you won’t be disappointed.Pictue of Gaby Monero

After listening to Ms. Moreno for forty-five minutes, it was time for Calexico to play. Calexico is described as an Americana/Tex-Mex/indie rock band that originates from Tucson, Arizona. The numerous instruments – guitars, bass, cello, piano, keyboards, accordion, trumpet, percussion, the list goes on, and the energy in the vocals is just amazing. They played for almost two hours with numerous encores. Neither my husband nor I were disappointed. All in all it was a fabulous evening out.

Picture of the band Calexico

I thought he would remember her, I was wrong.

A picture of the children walking the dogMy mother died young, she was 63 years old. She was an amazing Grandmother. The eldest was in grade eight when she died, just before her grade eight graduation (my dad, also an amazing Grandfather passed away just before the eldest graduated from grade 12). Middle child was in grade five and the teenage boy was in grade three when my mom died.

My husband has always worked shift work, so when the kids were young my mom pitched in and helped me. She babysat on a moments notice, drove kids to school when I worked, had a stash of toys and videos at her house just for her grandchildren. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for them.

In the summer when the kids all played soccer, she regularly drove the teenage boy to his soccer practice since I was with middle child who always had a game that same evening. My mom always took the same route to soccer and my son had this route memorized. Some time after my mother passed away I would take the soccer route, and the teenage boy would always say, this is the way grandma took me to soccer, he repeated this for a number of years. Then it stopped. Grandma had slipped from his mind. He no longer remembered the soccer route. I try to bring those memories back to him, but they are gone. Gone like my mom, his grandmother.

Time heals for the young, because memories fade. As I type this, the tears roll down my face, I miss my mom, their grandmother. (As I turned to wipe my tears, I see the calendar, it will be her birthday in exactly one month).

The nose, wisdom teeth and the teenage boy

It was a few years ago, when middle child and the teenage boy were joking and teasing each other while in the van. After I had parked, the two of them jumped out with middle child chasing the teenage boy, both laughing hysterically. Now there was quite a bit of construction going on, on our street and there were small wooden stakes sticking out of the ground everywhere. The stakes were difficult to notice even though they were painted orange. All of a sudden the teenage boy does a face plant into the sidewalk, his foot had caught a wooden stake. Next, an ear pulsating scream came out of him. As he stood up you could see the blood, which for me is not at all good, I hurl at the sight of blood. I yell at middle child to get her older sister, as I just stand there looking at my son holding his face, I am in shock and pretty darn useless. The eldest arrives to take care of her younger brother who has chipped two of his front teeth and broken his nose! His face is swelling up and you just know, he will have two black eyes.

After the eldest has cleaned him up, I finally get my act in gear and do my motherly duty by calling our family physician and the dentist. Apparently nothing can be done for his nose until the swelling subsides which of course will take a few days, I don’t remember whether he was given prescription for the pain. An appointment is made with a Nose, Ear & Throat specialist at the hospital. In hindsight, it probably was not a good idea for me to take him to the specialist and I certainly should not have gone in with him but I did! The doctor was very nice and told the teenage boy it would be best that he had his eyes closed while he was poked with a needle into both nostrils to freeze the nose. The teenage boy agreed and closed his eyes. I, of course did not close my eyes so as soon as I saw the needle being stuck up his nostril I freaked again and yelled loudly that the needle was huge! Not good. The teenage boy opened his eyes, saw the size of the needle and started to feel a bit panicky. Amazingly though, he let the doctor put the needle in his nostrils.  Next we waited for the freezing to take hold, and then the more painful part occurred. With the doctor standing over the teenage boy his took hold of his nose and basically shoved it back in place. The doctor then told the teenage boy he would have to keep pushing his nose in place over the next week while it healed. The teenage boy did not do this.

A couple of years later, the teenage boy decided he would have his nose re-broken because he was having a difficult time breathing and he wanted it to be straight. In the meantime, he needed to have all four of his wisdom teeth pulled out. So an appointment was made for the orthodontist in August of last year. He then received the call to have his nose re-broken also in August. During the first two weeks, the teenage boy suffered horribly after having his teeth pulled, and was even more depressed because he was unable to play soccer. He had a few days of no pain, before he went in the hospital as an outpatient for his nose. The operation was very successful, but the pain afterwards was enough to bring tears to his eyes. For the following week, he had to rinse his nostrils three times daily, (just think of how painful it feels when you get water up your nose when swimming and then try doing that three times a day). For some reason, the teenage boy would not let mom or dad near him, only his sisters and best friend could be there for support when the rinsing occurred. Apparently he was mad at me because I had left him alone in the hospital for a few minutes and he assumed he was still attached to his heart monitor which was beeping like crazy. He thought he was having a heart attack, and a panic attack ensued.  For the record, he was sleeping when I left for a few minutes to walk to the other side of the hospital to have his prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medications filled. When I arrived back, I was able to calm him down and explain that he wasn’t attached to anything, the machine was just beeping because it was no longer plugged into the wall. I was still on his bad side.