And like that she was moving on

I thought I was ready, but I was wrong, as I sit here listening to albums, trying to hold back the tears.

An old picture of when the children were young
An old picture of when the children were young.

You’re probably thinking I’m insane, I know my husband does, I mean, don’t all parents wait for that day when your children will move out? I know it is a loaded question. I look back at the pictures of when they were young, when they would just out of the blue hug you, run up and say I love you. I still get the hugs and the I love you’s often, but wouldn’t you like to go back and just watch them grow up again? I know I would.


The children sitting on the couch and watching a movie.
Watching a movie together.
The children picking apples.
One of my favourite pictures from when we went apple picking.
A picture of the children walking the dog
A walk in the park with our first dog Sheba.

Is she ready for her new life? I believe she is, we have hopefully given her the right tools, strength, courage, and love to help her make the choices that will bring her happiness.  She can still call me anytime, even in the middle of the night, her bedroom will always be hers even if I use it for the time being as my sewing room.

The eldest in her kayak.
The eldest in her kayak. Ready for anything.


No, I do not remember what I bought for your birthday

The other day, I reminded my husband that my birthday was coming up in a week and a half. He replied with you didn’t get me anything for my birthday, and at that very moment I had no idea whether or not I did buy him something. What I did remember, was I had planned a surprise party, inviting friends and relatives, and I had started cooking in the middle of the night. Later, when as usual I couldn’t sleep because my brain was full of activity, I pondered, because I knew I had to have bought him something. Eureka! I remembered! I had taken the dear husband to Home Depot so he could pick out his own birthday gifts. How did I finally remember this? Well, he wanted a multi-tool and I had to tell him his daughter was purchasing a multi-tool, so he couldn’t. It really was his sister but I couldn’t tell him the whole truth. Needless to say, I knew I had done something, okay, I still couldn’t remember exactly what we bought but I am sure the bill is around here somewhere.