Day 13 Stone Mountain Provincial Park, Summit Lake Campground

Starting mileage 4847 kilometres. It was a long drive today, roughly seven and a half hours but as usual the scenery was beautiful. As we crossed over back into British Columbia we gained an hour. The past few days, going from Alberta to British Columbia back to Alberta, changing time zones, we gave up keeping track of time. On this trek we saw an extremely large beaver in Beaverlodge, Alberta, and had some fun. We also came upon a very large Inukshuk.

Matt kissing the beaver
Matt kissing the beaver, Beaverlodge, Alberta
Looking up at the Beaver
Matt looking up at the Beaver, where you can get an idea of the height of the structure.
Catherine and the Beaver
My turn to have my picture taken with the giant beaver.
Matt and the Inukshuk
Matt and the Inukshuk

Back on the road, the highway came closer to the mountainside, it was an area known for landslides, thankfully we did not see one actually occur.

Mountain beside the highway
Mountain beside the highway, in an area known for landslides.

Looking at the map, our goal was Northern Rocky Mountain Provincial Park, and being quite late in the day, we stopped at the first campsite along the side of the road, literally. Summit Lake Campground, located in Northern Rocky Mountain Provincial Park is just off the highway facing an enormous stony mountain. There are a total of twenty-eight campsites, and we were at #7. We arrived in the rain, and there were no tall trees to attach the tarp to, so Matt ended up being pretty darn inventive, attaching the tarp to the car, then to the picnic table, using the shovel to raise it up on the table, giving us some shelter from the rain.

Our tent among the trailers
Our tent covered with a blue tarp. All the sites filled up quickly with trailers. We were the only crazy people with a tent, but again, what a view!
Stone Mountain Provincial Park Summit Campground
Stone Mountain Provincial Park Summit Campground. This was our site where the lone picnic table is, with a view of the highway, and the stone mountain.
Stone Mountain Provincial Park Summit Lake Campground
Stone Mountain Provincial Park Summit Lake Campground

This was another self-registration park. I, of course put the envelope in the incorrect box, thus wrote a note to insert in the correct box, explaining my mistake. The park warden came around later to collect the fees, and sell firewood to those lucky ones already at the park. Those who came later, were out of luck, and you could tell by the many unhappy faces, they were not impressed. The park warden came close to kicking out two males, who had collected wood from the area. He threatened them with eviction if they did not return every piece to where they found it, carefully watching their every move. Of course they didn’t pay either, so eviction was even closer, lucky for them, he took their money and let them stay. The next campground was hundreds of miles away.

As we had a sat around our glowing fire, we cooked a wonderful dinner of turkey medallions wrapped in bacon with some cheese tortellini.

Dinner of turkey medallions wrapped in bacon with tortellini.
Dinner of turkey medallions wrapped in bacon with cheese tortellini.

Learning to live with our kids again

This coming weekend is Easter, the weekend we travel to pick up the two kids from university. The drive to Quebec will take us anywhere from nine hours to twelve depending on traffic. Once we arrive, middle child will immediately want to start moving the contents of her apartment into the trailer, we will have brought with us, hubby will want a beer and I will want to lay down since the drive is exceptionally hard on my body.

Now middle child has lived on her own for three years, so there is three years of her crap precious belongings to bring home. Once her stuff is loaded, we will then drive over to where the teenage boy lives in residence. More crap precious belongings will be loaded into the trailer. So in less than a week, are other two children plus one large dog will be home, again. This is when our life will once again be turned upside-down. Now middle child will only be home for a couple of weeks, since she is going back for spring school, leaving us with her dog, which is a whole other set of issues.

The first thing my husband will notice will be the leftovers – they will be non-existent, and hubby loves leftovers, great for work, and snacks for when he gets home from work. Next I will notice that the tank of gas we put in the van once a month, will now last about a week, and the van will rarely be in the driveway. I can’t complain about the laundry, since my girls do their own, but the teenage boy will remind me, he is on vacation again, and thus the laundry is all mine. I will give him credit for bringing it up and down the stairs for me.

Middle child has to leave her dog with us while she returns to university for six weeks, because of new living arrangements. Bear, a mixture of German Shepherd and Doberman, is a very well-behaved dog who adores our daughter. So for the first week, he will pine for her while he also gets used to living with us again. There will be mud everywhere. We have a large yard for him to run around in, but we also have a lot of mud in our yard in the spring, if of course spring ever gets here. So along with cleaning the paws of our own little beagle, we will now have to clean the paws of Bear. The worst though, is the amount of poo outside will double, and Bear’s business is not small, plus he prefers to go wherever, whereas our dog is trained to go in the same area.

So this Easter weekend, all seven of us (five adults, two dogs) will be together again, arguments will quickly ensue as people and dogs learn to put up with each other again love each other for all of our differences again.


The fact that our youngest is nineteen years old, mom sent him a text message last night:

  • Mom: “Does the Easter Bunny need to make a stop here, he/she was wondering. (mom’s have a direct line to the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus just for such questions)
  • Teenage boy: “Tell the Easter Bunny that if he has to ask, I’m going to skewer him and roast him in a stew”
  • Mom: “Oh dear, though rabbit for Easter may be good”
  • Teenage boy: “No”

Laughter & Rings & a Sanitary Napkin

The other day hubby and I went to the jewellery store to have one of the claws on my diamond engagement ring tightened. The diamond had fallen out of the ring a while ago and hubby asked if I wanted a larger diamond since the current one was well, minuscule. I said no because we had purchased the ring together some twenty-six years ago, and regardless that it was minuscule it was my diamond. So at the jewellery store, when I asked the jeweller to tighten the claw on my minuscule diamond, we laughed together. Well waiting for the ring, we browsed, I mean who can go in to a store filled with diamonds, gems, gold and silver and not look around? I saw another diamond ring that I quite liked but we decided we wouldn’t buy it because we didn’t really have the money right now. Funny thing was, we had just received a rather large income tax rebate, but being parents, with two in higher education we have debt.

After my ring was fixed and back on my finger, we were off to Walmart to purchase a rake for my husband. He found it quite funny that considering our tax rebate, all he was getting was a rake, so I offered take him to lunch but since I only had twenty dollars on me, I would take him to the MacDonald’s located inside the Walmart. Again, we laughed at how we were splurging. After lunch, we went and bought the rake. As we left the store, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t mention the diamond ring we had seen earlier but if hubby did, well then, off we would go. When he did offer if I wanted to go purchase the ring I said yes, but we would set a price limit. Of course the ring was well beyond our budget, but the nice jeweller sensing that I would really like something, suggested we look at their estate jewellery. The estate rings were lovely and I decided on a garnet with two diamonds. The garnet is my husband’s birthstone, and the diamond mine. The ring had to be sized so it would not be ready until the next day.

Hubby was working the next day, so I phoned the jeweller myself to ask if the ring was ready yet. It was, and being impatient, I decided to pick the ring up myself rather than wait for my husband to arrive home. I immediately put the ring on my right ring finger with my original wedding band. Hubby and I have two wedding bands because he had to have his first one cut off.

Last year when he was moving middle child to her new apartment, he had seriously hurt his hand. He was moving the trailer, with her belongings packed in, over a few feet. When he went to set the trailer down, the hitch had somehow become caught in the ring. The next thing we saw, was him bent over doing the weeble-wobble trying in vain to unhook his ring. His hand is being scrapped along the pavement because of the weight of the trailer. Once he finally became unhooked, his fingers immediately swelled up, there was blood everywhere.

I frantically look for some sort of band aids in the first aid kit but the only thing I could find was a feminine sanitary napkin. Now my husband has his hand wrapped in a sanitary napkin and I, along with my daughter and her two university girlfriends laugh. Luckily he was not in too much pain, and laughing along with us. After the laughing subsided, the sanitary napkin removed, I looked closely at his hand, the wedding ring has been bent into an oval shape and his fingers are quite swollen. There is no way he can get the ring off.

After a few days we see that the swelling was not any better on his ring finger, it was getting worse, so the decision was made to cut off his wedding ring. I cried. Silly, but it was his wedding ring. We decided to purchase new wedding bands since his was so badly deformed. I moved my original band to my right hand, so my left would match his left. I’m sentimental this way or neurotic.

Diamond Garnet & Diamonds