How do you define morbid?

Sadly last week, my husband unexpectedly lost his mother. She had lived a long and enjoyable life, lasting into her eighties. She spent her retirement years down east, so when we were told of her passing, we along with other family members hoped on a plane. There are seven children, and with spouses that is quite a number to put up. All the bedrooms were assigned, and for my husband and I to be together in one bed, we were given my mother-in-law’s bed, the death bed. It’s sounds very morbid when put like that, but it actually relieved the tension in the room. I thought I would be creeped out by sleeping in the bed she actually died in, but we were exhausted the first night from travelling so the thought didn’t cross our mind, and the second night, well, it became a joke that hubby and I were sleeping in the death bed. Now, there are going to be people out there, who won’t take to me joking about this, but everyone copes with death differently.

The drive and the puppy

The other day we had the pleasure of driving our daughter back to university. This is not a particularly fun drive because of the length but it is beautiful, especially when you are on the other side of Montreal, in the Eastern Townships. One of the fun things about the drive, is the lack of working electronic devices. Sure I can still receive text messages but I have no internet, thus no Twitter, no Google+, no Facebook, and no e-mail. What do we do? On the way there, we had another friend with us, who we were dropping off in Kingston, so there was loads of conversation. We also had my daughter’s (middle child) new puppy with us, so it was a must that we stopped every two hours for pee breaks.

When we arrived in Kingston, middle child and I went for our own washroom breaks in our friends apartment. My husband stayed outside with the puppy. Now he hasn’t been impressed that middle child got herself a dog especially since we are her financiers while she attends university. This was about to change. The puppy is a chick magnet! It seems that while we were upstairs relieving ourselves, hubby and the new puppy were socializing with many a lovely lady who happened to walk by, we found him with one of them. His attitude about the puppy is slowly changing and he is now thinking that we should get another dog, for our dog, he says. At the next stop, again hubby stays with puppy while middle child and I go into the rest station. This time, however there are no lovely ladies, just male truck drivers stopping by and admiring the puppy. Hubby appears to be okay with this, he is warming to the dog, who just happens to be very adorable.

Middle child with Cocoa and Bear (puppy)