As my wife slept soundly by my side, she climbed into our bed

The wife:

Friday evening started with our middle daughter having a few friends over from her university days, to begin a weekend of partying, saying goodbye, and good luck. Middle child was moving to Seoul, South Korea for a year to teach ESL (English as a Second Language).

Now this was not the first time middle child has had friends over for the weekend, our house is the gathering point for pre-drinking. This time though, hubby and I would be joining the party. As the young ladies prepared their make-up, slipped on their fancy outfits, poured their pre-drinks, hubby and I ate pizza prepared and served by middle child’s best friend. Next car pools, and designated drivers were arranged, and off we went to the Ping Pong Bar and Lounge (another of middle child’s best friends had booked one of the game rooms for a night.).

Though many tears flowed, the evening was a success. Hubby and I our made our way back home, while the girls went off to a house party. Sooner or later, they would arrive back at the house, and crash.

Sometime during the middle of the night, I awoke to check which girls had made it safely back to the house. Two were in middle child’s bed, our niece was in the young man’s room, the young man was in my sewing room. Middle child had not yet arrived home. I was not worried, she is twenty-three, and moving across the world. I went back to bed.

The husband:

As my wife slept soundly by my side, she climbed into our bed. Young, beautiful, nubile, every man’s dream was happening to me. Slowly I rose…..out of our bed, tucked the young woman in bedside my sleeping wife, and went downstairs to sleep on the couch.  The dream was not a dream, and as much as I may have wanted to act upon this threesome, I could not.

The wife:

I awoke with a start! The young woman awoke with a start! WTF? Where was my husband, and how did she get into our bed? She had no idea. Oh the poor girl, embarrassed beyond belief, apologizing over and over again, that finally I told her to shut up! No harm or funny business had come to any of us, it was no big deal. The poor girl went back to middle child’s room, well I went off to find my husband, to ask what the hell had happened during the night? As he related the story of her climbing into our bed, all we could do was laugh, having had too much to drink, she had slept-walked.

As others awoke in the house, and a phone call to middle child, the poor girl hid in the bedroom too embarrassed to come out. I went upstairs, and spoke to her again. We were not upset in the least, if anything, it now gave me material for a blog post (I promised no names), and she would have to live with some fun teasing, as I asked her would she tell her mom?

The final trip to Quebec for Convocation

This past weekend was our final trip to Quebec with middle child (note I say middle child since the young man still has two more years oh gawd). We were going Bishop’s to watch her graduate from University. After five years of living in Lennoxville for nine months of the year, it had finally come to an end, there would be no more 9+ hour drives up on Saturday, collapse into bed, than the next morning open our wallets take her grocery shopping Sunday morning, say goodbye, and start the drive home. Knowing it would be the last time she would see a lot of the friends, it was a sad trip for her, friendships she had built up over the five years she spent at Bishop’s University.

The drive up was not a quiet drive at all. We were not only taking middle child but two of her best friends. Having driven with the girls many times, the first thing one of them asked was whether or not we would play the alphabet game? (This is where you start at the beginning of the alphabet, try to find the letter ‘a’ on a truck, continue on until you have found all the letters, then start again, this time using signs on the side of the road).

The drive started off fine, the usual stop at the drive-thru for coffee, tea, ice coffee, sandwiches, muffins, etc., and since we left at rush hour, traffic was congested so we hopped on the toll highway to try to avoid tie-ups. All was going fine until it started to rain, well drop buckets of raindrops that we had to have the wipers on high for a good portion of the first two hours. Then all of a sudden, the wiper flies off, with the arm still attached it scratches deep into the glass, sounding far worse than nails on a chalkboard.

We pulled over to the side of the road as soon as possible, and hubby walked down the side of the road trying to find the wiper hoping it would still be in one piece. No such luck though, just as he saw the wiper, it was run over by a vehicle rendering it useless. Still raining outside, and in need of a wiper we found an extra one in the back of the van. The only problem with this wiper – it was for the back window, thus half the size of a regular wiper. Hubby moved the wiper on the passenger side window to the driver’s side, and installed the smaller wiper on the passenger side.

A bit further down the road we stopped at the store to find new wipers. Well apparently you need a degree to understand how to install a wiper! In the rain, trying to read instructions, through foggy glasses, hubby finally is able to attach the new wiper. He then goes to remove the much smaller wiper on the passenger side, but it is jammed in so tight it won’t come off. We have no choice but to leave it where it is, and hope it does an adequate job. As the rain starts to come down harder, friend number one can’t get her seatbelt on because part of the belt was stuck in the door. Hubby gets out of the van again, in the rain, and after a few tries is able to open the door to unstick the seatbelt. We stop for coffee before entering the highway again.

Continuing on with our drive, the girls take control of the music, and we grudgingly joyfully listen to the girls sing for the next eight hours. Eventually we arrive in Lennoxville, drop the girls off at our son’s apartment (which was not cleaned by the previous tenants – eww!!) with air mattresses, alcohol and clothes, well hubby and I go to a motel.

Saturday morning we are up early (habit from all those years of feeding the dogs at 6:30 a.m.) so we pick up the flowers I had ordered earlier in the week for middle child. She did not want the usual roses but Gerber Daisies. The rest of the morning was spent waiting for the girls to get ready, then pictures were taken at the apartment, and on campus. Thankfully the rain we had on Friday, did not appear on Saturday, it was a tad cold but otherwise a bright and sunny day. At last we headed into the auditorium for the convocation.

With our new graduate we headed off to North Hatley for more pictures, and dinner at Le Pilsen Pub and Restaurant. After a delicious meal, we headed back to Lennoxville to drop middle child off at her brother’s apartment once again with explicit instructions to have everyone out of by 9 a.m. because we would be starting the drive home.

Picture of middle child waiting to graduate

Our daughter, the new graduate

The drive home was a non-event with the girls pretty much sleeping all the way. As usual there were numerous stops for more coffee and bathroom breaks.




A busy month, the kids move home, and we go out

Well this past month has been quite busy with the young man moving back home from university, and starting a new job. Middle child is now home and working almost full-time hours, as she is still going to school one day a week. She is also playing soccer along with her sister who commutes in for games. Add in hubby’s work schedule and we are all over the place trying to coordinate things. Then you have me, who is in charge of coordinating, and I am without a laptop for five weeks (that’s a whole other story). Some days are just insane, with one going this way, another going that way, and so on. Do I ever know who will be home for dinner? Nope, but I still have to cook meals for four, making sure there are leftovers (everyone loves leftovers, except me).

With our crazy schedules, hubby and I still found time to attend a concert in Toronto to see Calexico. Not wanting to drive because of summer construction having already started (people tend to say Canada has two seasons “Construction and Winter”), we took the bus and streetcar. Neither one of us is all too familiar with Toronto, but with instructions from my sister we were able to navigate our way to The Opera House. We had thought we would have had time to sit down for a dinner when we arrived but that was not the case. So as we walked the numerous blocks from the Go Bus Station to the streetcar we grabbed a sausage in a bun from when of the street vendors (they were delicious, but when you are really hungry any food seems to be fabulous). The kids were amazed that I was able to eat my sausage, walk with my cane, and not spill a drop on me. When we arrived at our destination, we did have time for hubby to have a beer and me a soda water with lime. We then lined up for the concert.

Picture of the Opera House

Once we were inside The Opera House, it was not at all what I had expected. There were no seats on the first floor! Just a few tables for leaning on, but there were three bars, lol. At a loss, I suggested we try the second floor where there was another bar, and five tables each with two bar chairs. We tried the lower balcony but there was only a very long bench which was already full. We quickly went back up the twelve stairs in complete utter darkness, people were using their cell phones to see their way, and grabbed the last table with chairs.

Picture of the stage in the Opera House

The opening singer for the band was Gaby Moreno from Guatemala. She sang in both English and Spanish and what a voice! Her music is a mixture of R&B and Jazz. As she sang, her fingers meticulously worked the guitar strings. If you ever have the opportunity to see her in concert, I highly recommend the show, you won’t be disappointed.Pictue of Gaby Monero

After listening to Ms. Moreno for forty-five minutes, it was time for Calexico to play. Calexico is described as an Americana/Tex-Mex/indie rock band that originates from Tucson, Arizona. The numerous instruments – guitars, bass, cello, piano, keyboards, accordion, trumpet, percussion, the list goes on, and the energy in the vocals is just amazing. They played for almost two hours with numerous encores. Neither my husband nor I were disappointed. All in all it was a fabulous evening out.

Picture of the band Calexico