Two days in the life of middle child & I

Yesterday middle child was feeling quite sad because she wouldn’t be joining us for dinner. See, she decided to stay for spring/summer school while her older sister had returned home for the summer. She naturally phoned me just as I was making dinner, nothing grand but as usual supper is always eaten at the dinner table (unless it is Friday when I don’t cook). Since we were already chatting on Skype, middle child asked if I would set the laptop up at the end of the table so she could join us. Little did I know she would print-screen me! If you look closely, she is in the upper right hand corner.

Print screened


The next day was much better for middle child, she received her ‘Hunter’ rain boots in the mail.

7:58 a.m. Middle child: Walked right through a puddle and no leakage. It’s awesome.
Me: oohlala
Middle child:  Yah man I feel very awesome doing that. (She’s 19 and feeling awesome!)
Me: Glad to hear you enjoy puddle hoping. (Really? At her age?)
Middle child:  Thank you for the rain boots.
Me:  You’re welcome.
Middle child: Why are you up so early? (Because your father decided to sleep in and someone had to feed the damn dog).
Me: Fed the pooch. Debating on a walk but I have neither rain boots nor a rain coat. (Money was spent on the ‘Hunter’ rain boots and your orthotics, waiting for rebate from insurance company).
Middle child: I bought soy milk yesterday. I’m going to try to cut all bad stuff out. I went for a walk Mom, it was nice.
Me: Just read an article on milk. Skim milk is best followed by soy. (Everything that mom reads is right).
Middle child: I don’t like skim milk at all.
Me: It is fine.
Middle child: You know when you eat an apple and its, like your first bite and you know its going to be a good apple. I had a delicious apple this morning. (Is she on something? This is weird).
Me: Okay, I’m happy for you. (Geez, it’s just an apple).
Middle child: Thanks.
Me: Have fun in school. (I’m going back to bed).
Middle child: Thanks.
Me: Bye
Middle child: sends icon of heart.
Me: sends icon of heart.


The drive and the puppy

The other day we had the pleasure of driving our daughter back to university. This is not a particularly fun drive because of the length but it is beautiful, especially when you are on the other side of Montreal, in the Eastern Townships. One of the fun things about the drive, is the lack of working electronic devices. Sure I can still receive text messages but I have no internet, thus no Twitter, no Google+, no Facebook, and no e-mail. What do we do? On the way there, we had another friend with us, who we were dropping off in Kingston, so there was loads of conversation. We also had my daughter’s (middle child) new puppy with us, so it was a must that we stopped every two hours for pee breaks.

When we arrived in Kingston, middle child and I went for our own washroom breaks in our friends apartment. My husband stayed outside with the puppy. Now he hasn’t been impressed that middle child got herself a dog especially since we are her financiers while she attends university. This was about to change. The puppy is a chick magnet! It seems that while we were upstairs relieving ourselves, hubby and the new puppy were socializing with many a lovely lady who happened to walk by, we found him with one of them. His attitude about the puppy is slowly changing and he is now thinking that we should get another dog, for our dog, he says. At the next stop, again hubby stays with puppy while middle child and I go into the rest station. This time, however there are no lovely ladies, just male truck drivers stopping by and admiring the puppy. Hubby appears to be okay with this, he is warming to the dog, who just happens to be very adorable.

Middle child with Cocoa and Bear (puppy)

The teenage boy made his mother very proud.

I had asked the teenage boy to take Cocoa, our beagle for a walk the other day. I am always unsure when he goes for a walk because he travels all over the nooks and crannies of Hamilton. I am also never sure what he will bring home. He is very much like his father. A few years ago, when my husband was walking home from work, and it happened to be garbage night, he saw a door. Not just any door, but a very heavy wooden front door. So, what did he do? Well, he picked it up and brought it home. This door was completely useless to us, it was the wrong size, and there was no key to the lock which just happened to be an extremely old lock that required a skeleton key. I asked him why, why did he bring it home? He really could not answer me, so the door sat unused in our basement for months.

Thus, when the teenage boy went for a walk, I was naturally concerned. Much to my relief though, the only thing he had brought home was a wallet. The wallet had close to twenty different cards in it, health cards, debit cards, charge cards, etc. Apparently well walking down an alleyway he saw the wallet. At first glance he just ignored it but then he thought twice, and turned to retrieve it. The wallet was empty and the cards that went in the slots were strewn across the alley. He picked up all the cards and the wallet. Once at home, we tried to figure out how to contact the owner. Looking in the internet telephone book gave us nothing, and the cards too, were useless, no address on any of them. I searched the various different hiding places of the wallet and found a red slip of paper with a phone number. We called the number and asked for the woman who’s name was listed on the health card. She was quite relieved that her wallet had been found. She had been robbed at the local library. We gave her our address and she drove over to retrieve the wallet and it’s contents. Sadly though, the cards were now useless since she had spent the entire afternoon calling and cancelling them all. Either way, she was very happy to know that my son had taken the time to pick everything up. I was a very proud mother.