Loneliness is a funny thing, you can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely, or you can be surrounded by no one. I am not sure where I fit in. My girls are away at College and University, one will definitely be home for the summer, the other we are not so sure. The teenage boy is still at home, but he is a teenage boy so spending time with mom is not a top priority and of course it shouldn’t be. Lastly there is my husband, he works twelve hour shifts, three day shifts in a row is horrible but three night shifts is worse. Then there is my best friend, she is wonderful, she lets me call her at work and we can easily chat for far too long. I no longer work and this here is one of the problems. I no longer have the daily contact of adults, and I miss the conversation. People will say, well why don’t you join something but that would be most difficult because of my health. Being disabled really puts a damper on things, one day you may feel good but the next, you don’t. How do I cope? I smile and don’t feel sorry for myself, well that’s not entirely true, otherwise I would not have written this today. Oh well, I will smile, tomorrow is another day and there are people in worse shape than me.

Today is a good day to hug the one you love.