That half way point in life

On my Facebook page today, I happened to state that I have a very, very bad head cold. Now I am friends with my kids (22, 19, & 17yrs), so it didn’t surprise me that my seventeen year old son was the first to comment on my current state of health. The wonderful teenage boy said:

When you reach a certain age, like 50, most things have a great effect. People in their 50’s should be careful. 50 year olds have a higher chance of getting sick. When you’re your age, y’know, 50, you should rest. Being 50 means your body isn’t as youthful as say, mine. Don’t worry, I’ll be 50 like you one day.

Now I genuinely love my son, we have a great relationship, there isn’t anything at all that we can’t converse about, and to top it off, he has a wondrous sense of humour, but geez son, your mom is sick, is this really the time to remind her of her age?

Note: the teenage boy did wash all the dishes after posting his comment.

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