The dead birds and the headboard

Years ago, I lived in an apartment with my cat Sabella. Then a few years later, my now husband moved in and we acquired another cat, Phoenix. Sabella was a beautiful sleek black, whereas Phoenix was an extremely fluffy white. Both were indoor cats, but occasionally they would go out on the balcony onto the front lawn (we lived in a ground floor apartment and the front lawn was basically ours). Even though she was an indoor cat, Sabella was very adept at catching birds and being very proud, she would saunter back into the apartment and drop the half dead bird at my feet. More than once, I had the horrible job of having to finish off the bird, because it could no longer fly or walk, etc. Either way, killing a bird, was not an easy task, and certainly not one I enjoyed.

Picture of our waterbed headboard

Our very messy, crowded headboard

When we lived in the apartment, we slept (and still do) in a waterbed. I’ve owned a waterbed for over thirty years and in that time, we have moved the bed, maybe four times. The main reason for not moving it is you have to empty all the water first, which takes a couple of hours, take it apart and move it, then you have to fill it back up again. Once it is filled, you have to wait until the heater has warmed the bed otherwise it is like sleeping on a bed of ice. Now because of the way it was designed, it was quite difficult to clean under the headboard, plus I was busy taking care of a little one to worry about the odd dust bunny.

Eventually though we decided to move to a townhouse so we had to empty the waterbed. After emptying all of the water, we lifted the very heavy headboard off the bed so the rest could be disassembled. As we lifted the headboard we saw a few dust bunnies but then to our horror, two dead birds! It was disgusting, since we knew they had been there quite a while. How did we know that? Well the one very large black bird was literally stuck to the floor, leaving my poor husband Matt the job of scraping it up (while I altered between laughter, and OMFG!).

How Sabella, or maybe Phoenix snuck the birds passed us, and how we did not notice an odour while we slept is beyond me. Special thanks to Sarah at Journeys of the Zoo for bringing back this memory.

What is the grossest thing that has happened to you?

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