The enjoyment and pain of writing Christmas cards

I’m very late with writing my Christmas cards this year. When all the kids were at home it was easy, we would all sit around the kitchen table, taking turns signing the cards. I would write notes in each one, and hubby was given the pleasure of licking the envelopes closed, whereas I just slapped on the stamps.

Family photo used for our 2013 Christmas card
The family photograph we used for our Christmas card last year, was taken when our eldest graduated from College in June of 2013.

Then the kids went away to school, but I was smart and started the cards at Thanksgiving, knowing all would be together. This year though, with everything going on, I was late with ordering our cards. So now I sit at the table writing them all out. It is not difficult, and I really do enjoy hand-writing customized notes in each, but my hands are failing me. Recently my one pain medication was changed due to the chronic insomnia it caused, so now we are still working out the correct dosage of the new med. I didn’t realize how much the other medication masked the chronic pain I suffer from. After writing a mere five Christmas cards my hands and arms from the elbow down were in so much pain I had to stop writing. I actually couldn’t write another word without tears.

Breakthrough medication was taken so I could enjoy a cup of coffee and not drop the cup and break another one. It appears I may have to dig some more out of the high up cupboards, oops. Regardless of the pain, I will continue to write the cards, but like the rest of my life, I will take more breaks. Apparently five cards is my limit, unless of course I really medicate myself, but then, I tend to write incoherently, which is not a good thing.

Do you still write out Christmas cards? 



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  1. Yes, I write out Christmas cards. It’s just me doing all the writing, though. I haven’t even started writing them out yet! 🙁

    I’m sorry to read about the pain you have in your hands. I could not imagine what it is like. I hope that your doctor helps you to figure out the proper dosage so you no longer have this pain anymore.

    1. Chronic pain is horrible, I don’t remember having a pain-free day in a long time. I would just like enough medication that allows me to function. I’m glad you still write out Christmas cards, I find it brings a smile especially at a very stressful time of year.

  2. Love the family pic! Yep … Still write them at this end, thus thanks for the reminder as I need to do them asap to get the address change out to friends and family … and cheers to the breakthrough meds.

  3. What a lovely shot of your family! I think Christmas cards are going away…..we’re probably the last generation that will do them as a whole….oh, here and there the young ones do them, but they’re alot like these “plastic house developments” you see popping up all over the place…only meant to be a showpiece for their children’s growth and not really any heartfelt message written in……..sad…yet another old tradition falling away I think……

    1. Thank you, the picture is definitely a favourite of mine. I do hope we are not the last generation to write out Christmas cards, they are such a lovely addition, far more personal then the internet. My kids do send them to their friends, and were not too happy that mom was late with them this year.

  4. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in pain and dosed up on medication that makes you feel spaced out. Gentle hugs lovely x

  5. I used to write out Christmas cards every year and enjoyed it. I stopped when we no longer celebrated Christmas in Canada.

    Nowadays, it’s easier for me to order a photography online and have it mailed to someone or just have them read my blog for updates. Not an equal trade off but it’s the best I can do with all that I have to do.

    Thinking of you this Christmas season and always.

    Besos Sarah.

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