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The move is on the back burner, but the garden prospers

Well after months of looking for that perfect piece of land in the country, and not finding anything within an hour commute for my husband, the move is on the back-burner for the time being. Maybe in the fall, if, of course all the painting, fence building, kitchen sink replaced, kitchen counters sanded down and refinished again. Well husband works on his list, I fiddle-faddle in the garden, well, I will be jam making, pie making, canning vegetables, freezing vegetables, and every once in a while I will dust the inside of the house. The other day, hubby swept the side porch of all the twigs and branches Bear loves to chew and tear apart. Then said to me, if I saw a leaf/branch etc. on the porch could I please pick it up? Well didn’t laughter ensue. “Have you seen the inside of the house dear? The 3 inch layer of dust in the living room? If I’m not dusting hun, chances are very slim some leaf will be picked up!”  (In my defence, with all the work he is doing inside the house, the dust he creates, well what’s the point right now?).

My rhubarb did fabulous this year. I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie, and even though it did make a mess on the bottom of my oven (thank goodness we barbecue all summer, because I don’t see me cleaning at the moment), it tasted fabulous, so fabulous I had to give half of it to my best friend, I couldn’t stop eating pie for breakfast, lunch, then supper.

Fresh picked rhubarbrhubarb pie

My herbs are growing exceptionally well. I have already dried quite a bit of thyme, and am pretty sure I will not run out of it this winter. Sadly the nasty chipmunk started to eat my rosemary of all things, so out came the chicken wire!


Rosemary herbThyme

Oregano and chives

Oregano and chives

Lemon Balm

lemon balm

The squirrels decided my potatoes were tasty, so I nailed down more chicken wire which stopped them in their tracks. The potatoes are now growing wonderfully and I should have a nice early crop in a few weeks. Most I will leave for the fall, then store for the winter.potatoes

My elderberry bush we transplanted last year, is growing fine and along came this beautiful Elderberry Longhorn Beetle. Elderberry Longhorn Beetle

Our two mulberry bushes are producing a lot of fruit this year. After trying to gather the berries by using first a pillow case, we decided it was much easier to just lay down tarp and shake the tree. Mulberry jam coming up.

picking mulberriesusing a tarp to catch mulberries shaking from our treeI am also growing broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets, lettuce, celery, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, radishes, yellow and green beans, pole beans, snow peas, cucumber, green onions, acorn squash and watermelon.

broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets, lettucepotatoes squash snow peas (800x450)pole beans in string maze (528x800)first zucchini of the year (667x800)hot peppersbanana pepperstomatoesOn the other side of the yard are the flower gardens, far too many to add though. We do make sure we have lots of milkweed for the Butterflies.milkweed

Lastly one of our many flower pots filled with flowers, I thought would good look together.flower pot of flowers

I hope you enjoyed viewing a small portion of our gardens, I certainly enjoy spending my mornings digging in the dirt.

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  1. Cheers to the gardening successes … gotta love strawberry rhubarb pie! …. On the potential move … patience will yield dividends.

    1. Thank you Laureen. I spend most of the summer in our yard, I do enjoy it. The strawberry-rhubarb pie was shared with my best friend’s family, and apparently I have now become their pie person according to their daughter!

  2. It all looks wonderful Catherine. I imagine Canada would have a fairly short growing season so this is all fabulous. x

    1. Thank you Rosie. Our growing season lasts from about May (we plant on Victoria Day) til Thanksgiving in October, which is pretty long, I think.

  3. I love rhubarb pie with custard. I always keep a sheet of aluminium foil in the bottom of my oven to save cleaning up spills. Not that I have an oven at the moment, but it’s on its way. How lovely to have fresh veggies and herbs. Naughty chipmunk! I would have liked to see a photo of him. 🙂

    1. When I had an electric stove, I did keep aluminium foil on the bottome, but when I switched to gas I was told not too. Better safe than sorry. I’ve never had rhubarb pie with custard, that sounds wonderfully delicious, I will definitely have to try it. It is lovely to just walk outside and pick your lunch or dinner from the garden, my father was a gardener, and he passed on his green thumb to me, which I treat dearly. As for that darn chipmunk, gosh he has dug so many tunnels in our yard, the dogs, as hard as they try can’t catch him, and he certainly doesn’t hang around for a picture taking opportunity!

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