The toilet seat and unicorn chat for date night

I’ve sunk to a new low. After feeding the dog Friday evening I asked hubby if he wanted to go out for dinner for date night? I have a $50.00 gift card we could use at Harvey’s, Milestones, Swiss Chalet, or Montana’s I said. We hymned and hawed, and decided on leftovers while both complaining about how tired we were. Hubby at least had a good excuse for being tired, he had worked on taking the pool down all day, whereas I had only worked in the garden for an hour and had two naps. After eating and feeling bored, hubby suggested we go to Lowe’s and buy more subway tiles for our bathroom redo we started almost a year ago (some may remember my tweets about a toilet in my living room just before Christmas).

toilet in livingroom

So it was decided, off to Lowe’s we went for date night. After picking up the tiles we needed, we browsed the aisles, in no hurry to get home, when we came upon toilet seats. Hubby and the teenage boy have complained forever about the upstairs toilet seat, saying it won’t stay up for them, causing issues when having to pee. So hubby bought a new toilet seat and because the upstairs bathroom is considered to be mine, he decided the toilet seat would be my present. Oh will the joy never end!
Toilet Seat
Once at home, we both collapsed on our respective couches to watch a movie. Again another bonus for date night, the movie channel was showing 10,000 BC a 4.9/10 star movie! Being so thrilled with the movie, I naturally started tweeting. Finally something interesting! @CanadianDadBlog was having a #UnicornChat. Now could there be anything more exciting than unicorns? As I read the tweets, I realized I really knew nothing of unicorns, but hubby was here to help!

Please ignore the obvious grammar mistakes, I was typing on my Blackberry.
Noah's Ark tweet

Then there was this one:

I also had a real kick out of the #UnicornChat, it had added that extra “oomph” to date night! Thank you @CanadianDadBlog

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