The whirlwind drive to Quebec & back

Last weekend we endured enjoyed one of our whirlwind trips to Quebec and back in two days. The purpose of our drive? Taking the young man back to university and since he had so much baggage this time, putting him on a bus & train & bus was impractical. Even though the drive is very long (9 hours one way, if there are no traffic issues), I always find it enjoyable, except this time, the weather was deplorable.

Driving before the snow storm hit.
Driving before the snow storm hit.

We had hoped that when we started the drive to Lennoxville, the snowstorm would be one step behind us, sadly though the bad weather caught up with us quite quickly. Now we do have snow tires on our van, especially since you never know what type of weather you will experience, when driving through the Appalachian mountains in the eastern townships of Quebec. Thankfully we arrived at our destination with nerves still intact.

River outside son's apartment
I was quite surprised at how fast the river, outside my son’s apartment was flowing.

After a good night’s sleep, and no sleepwalking by me, we were ready to take the young man grocery shopping.Β  Actually he shopped, well hubby and I took selfies in the supermarket. I did toss a can of Maple Syrup into my son’s cart, while hubby tossed in a few cans of tuna. (Note: hours later, when we were on the road home, I received a phone call from the young man asking “Mom why do I have a can of Maple Syrup?” Damn, I forgot it,Β hubby remembered to take home the tuna he tossed into the shopping cart).

Goofing around well son is shopping for food
Goofing around well son is shopping for food

When shopping was finished, and the groceries carried up the four floors to his apartment, we started our way home. The drive home was no better than the day before, the only difference was we were driving in an ice storm rather than a snowstorm. As hubby drove, we counted twelve vehicles in the ditch. It was a scary drive home, thankfully though we arrived safely.

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  1. Driving through snow and ice storms are not a lot of fun. I’m glad you and your hubs made it there and back safely!

    I’m also sad that you forgot your maple syrup at your son’s apartment. I know if I forgot something I bought then forgot it, that I would be a bit remiss about it. I do love that you and your hubs were having fun at the supermarket! πŸ™‚

    1. Having fun at the supermarket is my way of trying to avoid what the final cost will be! Driving in inclement weather is indeed not the least bit of fun, I keep my eyes closed quite a bit.

      1. I like to keep my eyes closed while driving in bad weather as a passenger, too!

        You have also given me a great tip to take my mind off of the skyrocketing prices at the supermarket! Thanks! I will be using it! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh gosh that sounds scary. And to think I get stressed on the motorway in a rainstorm! Hope he found something to do with the maple syrup πŸ™‚

  3. You are brave and dedicated parents, and I am sure the young man appreciates it (hope so)! Not only long-distance driving in awful weather but a grocery run to top it off! Glad you got home safely… (love the selfies!)

    1. Thank you Emma, I think we had more fun shopping then the young man did, of course we goofed off, while he planned his meals for the next few weeks! We will have another drive this weekend, returning middle child to college and of course there will be another grocery store run. Thankfully this drive can be done in one day, 4 hours one way but again depending on the weather.

  4. Happy to hear you managed to get there and back in one piece! Both daughters returned to university last weekend – I’m happy to say there was no snow here as we wouldn’t have made it! We always do a supermarket run with the girls when they return after the holidays & OMG it’s expensive!

    1. The supermarket run always frightens me, I usually run out to the car and let hubby pay the bill, a bill I don’t want to see. πŸ™‚ You are an empty nest again then, middle doesn’t go back to school until Sunday, and that will include another grocery run. πŸ™

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