There is a Yeti in the bathroom

The other day I purchased a new shower curtain. The problem with the old one, was my husband liked it closed and I didn’t. Why? Because it gave me the creepy feeling that someone was hiding behind it with an axe or machete (my mind tends to over exaggerate). So every time I went into the bathroom, I would open the shower curtain with hesitation, hoping that there was no one hiding behind it because I was unarmed and would have no idea how to defend myself except maybe run for my life. Thus the new shower curtain.


I love my new curtain; I can see there is no one hiding behind it, and when I shower it lets the light in, so I am no longer in a dark and enclosed space. Apparently though, my husband does not like it. Why? Well when he took a shower the other day, and turned around, he thought there was a Yeti in the bathroom. To his surprise though, it was his reflection that he was seeing in the mirror. I guess the bamboo in the curtain, and with his body hair said Yeti. I think he needs to shave.

9 Replies to “There is a Yeti in the bathroom”

  1. Brilliant! I also suffer the irrational fear of murderers hiding behind the shower curtain so always enter the bathroom like a ninja to yank the curtain back because, well, you never know.
    Of course it’s also perfectly rational of your husband for his first thought to be ‘eek, a yeti!’ 😉

    1. Apparently, my eldest also has this irrational fear of a bad guy behind the shower curtain. Which is weird because until I told her about this post, I never knew she felt the same way.

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