There was no elevator and there was a dog attack and poop

This past weekend involved one of our crazy drives to Quebec and back in two days. We started off somewhere around ten in the morning, and as per usual it took us about nine and a half hours. Once there, hubby moved a couch, loveseat, and various other things from our daughter’s apartment to our son’s apartment. Our son is currently paying rent for an apartment he won’t live in until the end of August, so it is very expensive storage fees. Now it is a brand new apartment building and quite lovely. His apartment is on the fourth floor and lucky for the people who want to stay in shape, there is no elevator. So hubby and the teenage boy spent about two hours climbing up and down moving everything.

Once the teenage boy’s move was finished, middle child and her dad moved the rest of her belongings into the covered trailer we had borrowed. There of course was not enough space, but with forward thinking hubby had folded down the back seats and removed two seats from the van before we had left home. During this move, I, who can only be in a supervisory position was standing there supervising with our beagle Cocoa, when a husky from the park across the street bolted toward us. With no owner in sight, the husky attacked our dog, and if it wasn’t for middle child who was able to call the dog off, Cocoa may have suffered more than just a bite to his eye.

Cocoa sitting on a chair at the vets

Cocoa sitting on a chair at the vets because he thinks he is human special. He is now on antibiotics because the bite below his eye is infected.

After all the moving was complete, we collapsed with exhaustion and went to bed, well the teenage boy was given the couch, he’s young. The next morning, middle child awoke early so she could clean her old apartment, and move the washing machine to the trash, only to discover during the night someone had vomited throughout the stairwell, smeared what we were pretty sure was poop all over the walls (on all four floors). After gagging and gagging, she phoned her landlord, who responded with “I’ll deal with it on Monday.” Seriously? This was Saturday. Lo and behold though, he showed up an hour later and cleaned up the mess.

More errands were eventually run, before we started the trip home, middle child said goodbye to her dog Bear, who we are now babysitting for six weeks. She didn’t think it would be fair for him to be locked up in her apartment well she is in school all day.

Bear and Cocoa sleeping together in the van

Bear and Cocoa sleeping together on the trip home

Another nine and a half hours later, some $500 spent in gas, we arrived home so the teenage boy and dad could empty the trailer, which hubby and I then returned to our friend.

Good news: We don’t have to return for another six weeks, at which point we bring middle child home for the summer.

Bad news: At the end of August, since middle child is finished her four years of university, she has decided to attend college in Lindsay, Ontario. So we will drive to Lindsey first, then make our way down to bring the teenage boy to Quebec. That trip may take three days.

27 Replies to “There was no elevator and there was a dog attack and poop”

  1. It never stops does it? When my kids were small, I used to think that once they were out of nappies everything would be an easy ride from there. NO WAY! and even though mine are relatively ‘grown-up’ now and I live abroad, there are still the phone calls ‘Mummy, what should I do?’ ‘Mummy, I’ve run out of money’ etc etc – I look back and realise that motherhood is really just being a glorified chauffeur, or come to think of it, not really glorified since there’s no pay! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world though 🙂
    p.s the poop and sick you mentioned….that almost made me gag, In future I shall remember not to read your posts first thing in the morning! 😀 xxx

    1. Firstly, I apologize Lottie for making you gag, I should have put a warning up. Glorified chauffeur is certainly one name that can easily apply to many of our duties. I also wonder how they think we can fix something when are hundreds of kilometres away? Ah the joys of motherhood, I too, would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 🙂

  2. Oh, aren’t kids fun? Uninformed people think the older they get the less work they take……
    My what a trip that was though….one for the books for sure! Can’t wait for follow-up posts on getting her out of there!

    1. You are very correct when you say the older they get, the more work involved. Looking back diapers were a piece of cake! It will be much easier when we bring her home for the summer, but she still has quite a bit of stuff, though not enough that we will need the gas-sucking trailer again.

  3. A- You are absolutely CRAZY! (Which makes sense since we tend to catch that kinda thing from our Offspring.) B- WTF!?! WHY would someone do something so…just…WHY!?! C- I’m glad your pup wasn’t injured any worse than he was.
    Now go take a LONG nap. You’ve earned it!

    1. A – Yes you are right, I am crazy; B – Exactly WTF? Drugs? That would be my guess. C – He’s much better but on antibiotics because the bite under his eye became infected. Long nap, well I still need to conquer the sleep walking thing. 🙂

  4. Crazy! Gross! Wow. Glad your dog is OK and the landlord got his butt into gear earlier than he said he was going to.

    1. Yes, another wild and crazy Quebec run. I’m just happy she will be moving out of the building permanently in six weeks, he is a terrible landlord. Thankfully our dog is getting much better now that he is on antibiotics.

  5. Wow! What a crazy weekend! I would have been so angry with the owner of the husky for the attack. As for that landloard, there are no words for his initial reaction to the stairwell. I’m not sure if his reaction was more digusting than the state of the stairwell!

    1. The dog attack happened so quickly and there was no owner to be seen. As for the apartment, her landlord was the worst, nothing was ever repaired in the building, he doesn’t care whatsoever. Thankfully after these final six weeks she is done and will be moving home for the summer.

  6. So far, we’ve managed to avoid any major moves since our oldest has decided to live in town and attend community college while working. But I know the other three are going to run us ragged and probably all over the country when they graduate — one year after the other — starting in 2018. I’m saving up for gas as we speak. Until then, I’m content living vicariously through you and your husband’s exploits 😉

  7. Oh Lord – what a saga! It makes me feel exhausted reading about it. Your treks with children etc sound really tough. I hope they appreciate it! You are both heroes! I don’t like the sound of the poop and vomit. UGH. You need a six-week breather I think…

    1. Thanks Emma, I don’t feel like a hero, just a crazy parent! The car rides are actually fun, we play silly games. This time I told the teenage boy every time he spoke, the sentence had to be made up with use of the type of vehicle that was passing us. I would give you an example but they were so insane I can’t honestly remember any, I will have to ask him again.

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