Toe surgery and a condom

Toe is wrapped after surgery
Toe is wrapped after surgery

This past Friday, I had surgery on my big toe to remove two ingrown nails. Gross, right? I will not argue with that description at all. The surgery itself is not all that painful, except for the two initial needles to freeze the toe. That hurts. Basically the surgery entails cutting a good portion of both sides of the nail. After the nail is trimmed the doctor puts quite a bit of gauze in the sides of the nail to stem the bleeding. The toe is wrapped and I am sent home with instructions not to do any walking for the next couple of days.

The next day I saw the nurse who would change the bandages. This is extremely painful!Β As instructed I took some codeine a half hour before seeing her. My husband being a very good sport, and having a strong stomach, attended the appointment with me. The initial bandages came off with no problems at all, and then it was time to remove the gauze the doctor had inserted in the nail bed. To say I screamed, swore loudly, and cried is an understatement. At one point, I had to ask the nurse to stop, the pain was just too much. She was wonderful with her attempts to be gentle (impossible), and the humorous distractions made by all. Eventually all the gauze was removed and my toe was again covered in bandages. (Thankfully there was only a tad of gauze put back in the nail bed).

One of the other instructions the doctor had given me, was not to get the nail wet for a few days. This would pose some difficulty when showering, until my husband spoke up, and suggested my toe wear a condom. Β The nurse thought it was a fabulous idea, the condom is sterile, and it would just roll over the toe. Me, well, awkward. Desperate for a shower though, I bit the bullet, dug out the package of unused condoms, and proceeded to cover up my toe.

My toe wearing a condom.
My toe wearing a condom.

After my shower, I unwrapped my toe from the condom (oh that brought back memories, not from unwrapping toes though, lol), to find that my husband was correct, the bandages on my toe were dry. Damn, now I had to tell him he was right. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I do have to say that your husband’s idea was pretty ingenious. I knew someone who had this procedure done, and I was so happy I was not in his shoes. I do feel for you as this was not a great experience to have. I also hope that your foot heals quickly!

  2. Can’t begin to imagine how painful this was… here’s hoping you’re feeling better! Brilliant suggestion from your husband… he deserves full credit for this.

  3. Am sorry for your need for surgery, but am laughing so hard over here…..a condom on your toe. OMG> Was there ever any funnier use for a condom than this? A very good post too……got all those emotions across with no trouble at all!

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