Video of a porcupine in the wild


When we were camping in Forillon National Park (Parc National Forillon) Gaspe, Quebec I came across a porcupine eating leaves. The video is somewhat long, but fascinating, especially about three-quarters of the way through when he/she stands to eat, you then get a good look at its face. You will note that I say to my husband something to the effect of get back it will shoot its quills. Hubby was getting too close, but no porcupines do not shoot quills. However, their quills are difficult to remove when you are pierced with one, they will grow new ones.

20 Replies to “Video of a porcupine in the wild”

  1. How exciting to see a porcupine – aren’t they extraordinary creatures? It seemed pretty chilled about you filming it. Those leaves must have been delicious for it not to care!

    1. Oh it noticed us, the quills were up when Matt got too close. I watched him/her for over five minutes and it was fascinating. I’m assuming you did not hear me say “I have eaten porcupine?”

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