What did you do this weekend?

Last night, I was reading one of the blogs I follow, and the blogger asked “What did you do this weekend?”. The usual, I thought, market and laundry. Now I always visit the farmer’s market on Saturdays but it just so happens I haven’t been well the past few. I follow a routine when I arrive, I buy a newspaper, then a herb & garlic croissant to have with the latte I buy next. I always purchase my croissant from the same vendor each week, making sure I say hello, how are you, but to be honest, I really didn’t think he noticed I was there every Saturday morning. Much to my surprise though, the first thing he said to me as I asked for my croissant, was he hadn’t seen me in a few weeks. My first morning smile. Next I went to my usual coffee place and had my usual latte, gosh I’m boring while I sat and chatted with the staff. Again, the one staff member noted I had not been there in a few weeks. My second smile of the day.

Now I’m sure I did have a few, if not many more smiles this past weekend, but it was still quiet for me, especially since my husband worked nights again. Middle child, her dog Bear, and the teenage boy are hundreds of kilometres away at university, and the eldest was off visiting her boyfriend. It was the dog and I. Besides the odd woof, he is very quiet. When the kids are young, parents dream of these days, no one pulling at your pant leg, asking the same question over and over again, but when the solitude does arrive, you wish for the noise again.

After Christmas has passed, January and February are very difficult months to get through. The bills start to come in, the weather is dark and gloomy, and most of us wish to be on that white sandy beach. Ironically, today is referred to as Blue Monday. If you have kids that are still young or in higher education, the white sandy beach is just a dream for most of us. Hubby and I made a choice years ago, we had three kids, thus the vacations are few and far between. A few years ago, when the kids were old enough to stay home by themselves, hubby and I started taking three or four day back-country camping trips in the spring. It was our time and still is our time to have fun together, but I still dream of going away to that white sandy beach especially since we have only been once. In 2009, five years ago, we went to Cuba, it was my husband’s first trip out of the country.

So what do I do this weekend? Well besides the usual, I browsed travel web sites, in hopes that I can find a trip to that white sandy beach we can afford, and that I can convince hubby the bathroom renovation that has been going on forever can wait a few more months.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Aw hun, so lovely that you were missed by the traders at the farmer’s market and that’s what’s so good about shopping locally. And yay to taking a vacation with your hubby – here’s hoping x
    Last weekend I dragged hubby along for a spot of retail therapy and to the cinema to see ’12 Years A Slave.’ The rest of the time it was all dull – work & domesticity! Don’t always love having an empty nest here either – seems way to quiet!

  2. And that’s exactly one of the reasons why I love supporting our local farmers markets & family owned stores….for those moments.

    I had a great weekend skiing, antiquing and relaxing 🙂

  3. I think it’s great that the vendors noticed that you are no longer among the Missing! BTW … I spent time with our great nephew (who is approaching 3). Positive vibes your ways for finding that ideal vacation spot!

    1. Oh wow a great nephew! Little ones are so adorable, I look forward to that day we have grandchildren.

      My ideal vacation would actually be England and to visit Ireland again. I love the history, and the one half of me is Irish.

        1. I went to Ireland a few years ago with my sister, who was there for a business trip. Well she worked, I played tourist, spending my days walking around Dublin and riding the double decker bus tour bus. I then traveled to Glenageary, and the Wicklow Mountains. Afterwards, my sister and I went to Kilkenny. If you enjoy history, I highly recommend a visit to Ireland.

    1. I agree, I need to change things up too, the only hard part is hubby’s shift work. Visiting the beach probably won’t happen until the summer, but I can still dream and visit travel web sites.

  4. I have no idea what I did this weekend. My life is extremely unscripted. Just the way I like things.

    The one thing we usually do is have pancakes on (or around) Sunday but we didn’t this week because I was up at 4am to ensure that my husband got to the airport. I guess I did that.

    If I didn’t tell you how great and supportive you are then I should have. I like to try and get that in at least once a week.

    Besos, Sarah

  5. Amazing how we think we trip through this world unnoticed only to find out the exact opposite! Glad you found a smile 🙂 This weekend we did nothing glamorous at all, we did battle with the flu!

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