What does an Etymology book and Vases have in common?

On the Friday we celebrated my husband’s 53rd birthday, which in my books is a terrible time of the year to have a birthday. For people like me who already hate shopping, to make me go out again, right after Christmas, well you may not receive exactly what you hoped for. Now I do try to find the perfect gift (see last paragraph), I listen to comments you make throughout the year, so when I’m shopping I can readily find it.

A week or so before his birthday, my husband mentioned he liked vases. Now in my defense, this was not the first time he has said this, we have numerous vases throughout the house that are his, not mine. I am not a collector of things, and certainly not vases (I do kind of like the one hubby bought me years ago, but if I was shopping I would not have purchased it).

Vase hubby purchased for me
Vase hubby purchased for me years ago.

After picking up the music cd’s he had asked for, I went on a search for a vase. I had already decided I would not spend a great deal of money on it, just in case he didn’t like it. (Most of you are probably saying, well he could return the gift, but I wanted him to like it, so in my mind returning it was not an option. Besides, I was taught that no matter how much you didn’t like something, a gift was a gift, so you smiled graciously and said thank you.)

So on Friday, there we sat, the eldest and I watching hubby open his gifts (middle child and the young man are away at school). Before unwrapping the vase, he opened four other presents ~ music cd’s (he had requested these, so I just had to go to the store, give the list to the sales clerk, asking her to find them for me ~ remember, I do not like shopping. I’m really digging a large hole for myself, aren’t I?).  Next it was time for him to unwrap the vase. With excitement (mostly mine), hubby unwrapped his gift and this is what he saw…

Picture of the birthday vase.
The birthday vase.

…and he didn’t like it. I thought it was pretty, the stained glass effect, but no matter how many descriptive words I could think of and say, he still didn’t like it, and apparently the eldest didn’t either, since her comment was “I don’t get it when you die”.  Being a very good sport, I did not get upset, even when he said “it reminded him of a trophy”.  

I had already sent a picture of the vase to middle child, who definitely did not like my choice either. Hubby then sent a picture to the young man, who immediately phoned his dad and said something to the effect of “WTF”. Next the young man phoned me, his comment “that’s perfect the etymology book lives on!”. 

Picture of the dictionary of English Etymology.
The Book of English Etymology.

One Christmas years ago, I had given my husband a book of English Etymology because I was 100% positive he had mentioned that he would be interested in having such a book. He, of course cannot remember this conversation. Since then all my children have questioned the reasoning behind buying such a book, and whenever I buy a gift for someone, this book comes into the conversation.

What do you think? Do you like the vase?

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  1. All I will say is that I’ve never liked vases that have been bought for me. I prefer to choose my own. They should be practical and not too fancy. So, what hubby swap it for? 🙂

    1. The vase is still in the house. He hasn’t said whether or not he will keep it. I’m more afraid of what he will buy me for my birthday in April.

        1. lol, I hope not! We actually disagree on everything, we don’t really like similar things. How we have remained married all these years is a miracle.

  2. I did not say “WTF,” I said, “oh my god, you were right” – in reference to his text earlier in the week, saying how he regretted mentioning a vase because he was certain you were going to get one.

    1. Hello son, dad told me you said something to the effect of “WTF”, it’s quite alright though. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I love you.

      BTW, I like the screen name you have chosen.

  3. For what it’s worth, I think the vase is lovely – but I’m not the one that has to live with it! Are you going to let him choose something else, or is he stuck with it? Mr A bought me a Space Hopper for my birthday last year – that was as a result of some random conversation we’d had earlier during the year as well. Belated birthday wishes to your husband x

    1. Thank you Izzie. He will keep the vase, if for any reason to tease me about it. I guess random conversations are not the best way to pick up hints for birthday presents. 🙂

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