Where did my eye brows go?

First I grew chin hairs which to any woman is a near death experience, now I have to deal with the fact my eye brows are slowly but surely either turning grey or just vanishing all together.  I guess the bonus here is I rarely have to pluck now, which is actually a good thing; I can’t see anything that small without my glasses on, and plucking while wearing glasses is just asking me to poke my eye out. The hairs that are missing are at the very beginning, and at the end of my brows, so the parts remaining are in the middle.

Image of missing eye brows

Okay at least I have something to work with. So I pull out my box of tools to try to give myself some brows.

Tools of the trade to make eyebrows

Good brows highlight a woman’s eyes. So in my kit there is a template I use to make eyebrows. First there are two different colours one uses to fill the template, then you can add wax to keep the colour in place, and lastly you use the brush to fiddle with the brows so they look real. My next choice is just to use a pencil and colour in the empty spaces, an easy no think option, colour, and your off. My third choice is similar to a mascara, except there are tiny little fibers that look like hairs. I find the third choice is my favourite but I do switch back and forth depending on how lazy I am feeling that day. Voila, I have eye brows!

I have brows



25 Replies to “Where did my eye brows go?”

  1. I have blonde hair and my eyebrows have always been half there. I don’t even shave my legs so I’m way too lazy to paint on my eyebrows. But, WHEN I get chin hairs (because you’e assured me I will), those things are GONE.

    Besos, Sarah

  2. Eyebrows are such tricky things, I’ve seen so many horror photos of where people have had them tattooed on I’m so pleased to see that yours is just a temporary solution (which look great)

    1. Thank you. I was actually thinking about having them tattooed, but it is permanent, and if there is a screw-up, well then I don’t know what I would do.

  3. Oh goodness hair is a nasty business as you age isn’t it? The hairs on chin thing I have dealt with via electrolysis recently, but then as you say, just as the hairy legs begin to recede, so does the scalp and eyebrows. Not to mention eyelashes! That’s my biggest regret 🙁

    1. Electrolysis didn’t work for me, and boy was it painful! My eyelashes have always been incredibly short; I found a great mascara you put on before your regular mascara, and it magically lengthens the lashes. Expensive but well worth it. My red-hair has thankfully not receded, in fact I find it has been growing even faster than ever. 🙂

  4. I have the exact opposite problem! I’m starting to look like Grandpa on the Munsters! Maybe you and I can meet in the middle on this!

  5. My brows have gone really light, and I sometimes have them dyed, but it’s quite expensive to go to a salon. I found a great solution, called ‘Mommy Makeup Brow Tint’ and it’s great. I bought it in ‘Blonde’ and it’s perfect. 🙂

    1. I tried the salon route and also found it too expensive plus it wouldn’t take where I don’t have any brows. The third choice I use is called “Gimme Brow” by Benefit Cosmetics, and it gives me brows where they are missing. I Googled your choice and it is similar to what I use, except yours comes in more colours. I may have to try it, thanks.

  6. Oh my goodness!! Yes, same thing happened to me – well, some time ago now since I’m older than you and actually almost a “senior citizen.” So I know. The chin things are horrible too – do they move from your eyebrows to chin I wonder? But this is really very useful. Where did you get that little box of tricks with the wax etc, though?

    1. I have wondered the same thing, and the damn things probably do migrate, lol. The kit is by Quo, I think I picked it up at our local pharmacy which sells everything. If you can’t find it at a store, it can probably be bought online.

  7. That actually looks really good. But I just need to say…are you effing kidding me? This happens? When I was a kid, I thought all the old ladies (ie, our age) with drawn in eyebrows were the weird ones who just plucked them all out so they could draw them in on purpose. Put this on the list of things I didn’t want to know.

    1. Oh you made me laugh, and nice of you to qualify your statement with “our age”, I don’t feel so old now. lol Sorry to burst your bubble, but this does happen, I blame perimenopause, which is my go to for pretty much everything these day.

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