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A few years ago, hubby and I decided to be proactive parents and purchase condoms for our teenagers. Now we thought this would be an easy task, I mean condoms are condoms and when we were teenagers there were not many choices. Off we went to our nearest pharmacy and weren’t we surprised when what we saw was not just a few condoms but an entire wall of condoms. There were coloured, tinted, dry or powdered, ribbed, studded, textured, lubricated, non-lubricated and of course flavoured (eww). As we looked at the wall, we giggled like teenagers buying their first condom for that very important night.

After we finally settled down, we looked at the display seriously. We had no idea what to buy. Obviously we wanted a condom that would stop a pregnancy from occurring and we wanted one that would stop STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). So after much thought, more giggling, we decided on the old standby, the Trojan condom. Seeing as it had been around for years, it must work. So no coloured, tinted, studded, textured or flavoured, just one heavy-duty condom. When we arrived home with our package, I opened it and put them in the top drawer in the upstairs bathroom. We told the teenagers there would be no questions asked, just take a condom or two when needed and when the drawer was empty, we would replace them.

A few years went by and though it looked like a few had gone missing the majority of condoms were still in the upstairs drawer, yes we bought the largest package available, and no I don’t know why either. So during one our dinner time conversations (where in our family everything is discussed) we asked how come there were so many condoms still in the drawer? Immediately, our eldest spoke and said “Mom, dad, you guy’s bought heavy-duty condoms, you can’t feel a thing with them”, laughter ensued as I tried to explain that what we were looking for was utmost safety, and we honestly didn’t even consider feeling. She and the other two then added that if they needed condoms they would buy their own. Well, the heavy-duty condoms are there if you need them and again we will replace them, maybe with something less heavy-duty.

Are you proactive parents? Would you peruse the condom aisle?


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  1. Cheers to your proactive nature. Loved your son’s response! Meanwhile, my suggestion would be don’t buy the condoms with a coupon for diapers enclosed.

  2. Flavored condoms are for Oral sex. When you responded EWWW I am wondering if that was you opinion on oral sex or are you only concerned about contraception.

  3. Wonderful idea. Many years ago my eldest son came to me and told me he and his then girlfriend had decided they were ‘ready’ to pursue a sexual relationship. They were both 16 at the time. I took him to the pharmacy and had him talk to the pharmacist. Together they discussed the importance of safety and what would work best. He selected the ‘right’ condom. At the checkout stand he threw said condom package in my basket, I handed it back to him explaining to him this was his purchase, his decision. We got out of line while a heated discussion to place. Ultimately he decided he would not make the purchase that day.

    They did not become sexually active that summer. His girlfriend broke up with him shortly thereafter. He told me later she was pregnant later in the school year. He told me much later he did not lose his virginity till college.

    1. It is so nice to hear that your son felt comfortable enough to come to you and state that he and his girlfriend were “ready” to pursue a sexual relationship. Interesting that a little thing like paying for the purchase changed his mind. It just goes to show that when it came down to responsibility he wasn’t ready.

  4. So funny when your eldest took you to task about not buying the thinner condoms! My girls are 9 and 11 so I don’t think I need to buy the condoms just now but that’s a great idea, to just keep them in a drawer in case they need them.

    1. It was funny and led to quite the discussion about the different type of condoms, all agreeing that flavoured was just a bad choice overall. You may not need to buy the condoms now but you could always bring up the discussion to find out exactly what they think about using condoms and their importance. It is a difficult conversation for some parents, my husband was far better talking about sex than I; I would always burst out laughing because I was embarrassed. I am much better at discussing sex now, but there is always laughter even though it is a very serious topic.

  5. That’s a brilliant idea! No heavy discussion, just a resource. Knowing me I’d probably end up getting menthylated ones or something equally shocking!

  6. Haha! I was going to say Trojan isn’t a good choice! Skyns would be best if they ever get through those!
    It’s great that you can talk so openly about it. Sex was always discussed in my household, but contraception not so much.
    When I had a boyfriend if he stayed over we weren’t even allowed in the same room alone!
    So sweet that you bought them as well, they aren’t cheap unless from family planning clinics!

    1. Hubby and I had absolutely no clue in regards to what condom to buy. It was quite funny seeing the two of us look at all the different choices, and then when we finally decided, we haggled over who would take them to the counter to pay!

      When I was growing up neither sex nor contraception was spoken in our house, whatever I learned was at school or through mates. Thus when hubby and I were married and had children, we decided to do the opposite of what our parents did, or didn’t do. Sex, contraception and whatever other topic the kids want to chat about is done openly and without judgement, though there is quite a bit of laughter sometimes. 🙂

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