Why I couldn’t yell at the teenage boy or husband

My children help me a lot at home, especially carrying things, since I am not suppose to, unless of course I want to end up laying down for a few days in utter pain. So when I asked the teenage boy to put his sister’s Christmas presents in my bedroom, it didn’t even cross my mind that he would open the closet door. A few days later, I find out from the teenage boy, that he had looked at most of his presents, (I luckily had hidden a few that weren’t on his list in a different place). At the same time, I also found out that hubby had seen the metal detector I bought him for Christmas. To make matters worse, dare I say, he Googled it! The nerve of him!

Flashback to when I was around seventeen. After spending Christmas eve out with friends, I arrived home to find my parents, two brothers and sister fast asleep. Our Christmas tree with all the presents, was for some reason in the basement that year. Being a sneaky seventeen year old, I went downstairs and shook my gifts. This did not satisfy me enough, so I carefully unwrapped and rewrapped all my presents. I thought I was being smart, knowing what my gifts were, I would be able to sleep in.

When morning arrived, I stayed in bed. My father came into my bedroom trying to raise me out of my slumber, when I finally blurted out that I already knew what my gifts were, spilling the bad deed I had done.  He did not yell at me, instead he left the room. I was safe and could sleep and dream nice dreams, so I thought. Instead, my dad came back into my room with a tray full of ice cubes and proceeded to dump the entire contents on my feet, making sure he rubbed the ice cubes on the bottoms and between my toes. While giggling away, I yelled for him to stop, but in a calm voice he told me how much my mother had worked at finding the right presents for me and I was going to get out of bed whether I liked it or not. I also, was not to tell my mother what I had done.

Have you every peaked or opened your presents on the sly?

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  1. I think I was born without the curiosity gene. I never looked at my own as a child but always wanted to know what my brother was getting. I did this so I could unmercifully tease him for the weeks leading up to the holidays. Naanaanaa I know what you are getting and you don’t. He would cry and I would do it some more.

    With my husband and I we just make lists from which to select from. It is easier.

    1. Surprises are wonderful! Even though hubby knows what his gift is, I will still wrap it and put it under the tree. As for the teenage boy, his gifts will also be wrapped but in different boxes so he will get a laugh.

  2. I have, but mainly when I was a child or a teenager. At that time, it never crossed my mind that by doing so, I was robbing was someone else of the joy of seeing me open them and be surprised, or that I was disrespecting their hard work and effort.

    This year, I had to take my kids (ages 8 and 11) shopping for my Christmas gift – they are old enough to decided to want to but me a present, but not old enough to shop alone. I had to act like I didn’t know what they were buying, while guiding them in the right direction, and they stand quite a distance off when they went through the checkout. They had so much fun doing that and wrapping the gifts, and then are talking non-stop about whether I will like it. (I would love it, even if it were the last thing on earth that I wanted!!) I thing it’s easy to forget other people’s joy in giving.

    Congrats on your blog award nomination – just read that on facebook!!! Keep writing, and Merry Christmas!

    1. I love the surprise, but hubby and I do find it a lot better to shop for each other’s gifts together. One year, I had him buy me a KitchenAid roasting pan, but I had completely forgotten about it when I saw the huge package under the tree. It was quite funny, having the family watch me open this gift I did not remember buying!

      Thank you for the congratulations, and Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

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