Why I will no longer hit “like” for the shirtless man on Facebook

The other day, the young man and I were having a very interesting conversation about the ‘shirtless‘ men posted on Facebook by his female friends.  He didn’t think it was fair that woman could, on a regular basis post images of men without shirts and hit the “like” button, yet he or his male friends could not post an image of a ‘shirtless‘ woman, and hit the “like” button. (Facebook seems to also delete pictures of women breastfeeding, deeming them to be pornographic).

I completely agree with my son; it isn’t fair that women can sexualize men, but the minute a man does that to a woman, there is an uproar. Feminists want equal rights for men and women, so I’m curious how many of you “Feminists” out there, hit the “Like” button?  I bet quite a few of you do, will you even admit to it?

So until Facebook lets men post pictures of women without shirts and let them hit the “like” button, I will not hit the “like” button for shirtless men, and I will do my best to delete those posts that I see in my stream.

Yes, this subject is opening a can of worms. 

Nothing like posting a controversial subject as my last post of 2014, Happy New Year!



17 Replies to “Why I will no longer hit “like” for the shirtless man on Facebook”

  1. Ah yes. The old double standard fakebook experiences. For me it’s not a problem as I don’t do facebook. Probably because nobody wants to see a 56 year old shirtless man… where is my shirt anyway.,.

    But, seriously, thanks for an interesting, thought provoking post.

  2. Yes. It’s controversial – but really a no-brainer because of course it should “work both ways.” Really I need to stop hitting the “Like” button as I know I am guilty from time to time. I suppose this would also include my admiring footballers’ legs! Not just the top part… STOP it, Emma!! There. I have resolved not to “like.”

  3. It’s all down to mutual respect and I guess that’s the way to go! Must be creepy when some of these shirtless males are the same age as your son.

  4. I *do* often hit like and I’ve never thought of it this way before. I’m kind of shocked at myself, actually. For example, if someone puts up a picture of a shirtless Hugh Jackman…but you’re right! It’s inconsistent. Eeek…

    1. I had never thought of it that way either, until our conversation. It may be hard not to check like, but to be fair to my son, and the rest of the male population it is the right thing to do. We have to stop sexualizing shirtless men if you don’t want men to sexualize women breasts.

  5. I love this! You’re right about double standards, so open that can!
    (And no, I don’t like the dude pictures. To be honest, most of them are the same age as my male Offspring and it’s just WAY too creepy/pervy to look at someone I could have given birth to in a sexual manner. Call me Auntie Prude. *grin*)

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