Middle child visits the DMZ – Korean Demilitarized Zone

Stepping into North Korea

Middle child about to step into North Korea

Middle child has been in Seoul, South Korea now for six months and has certainly seen quite a lot. Her latest trip took her to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), often referred to as the “most dangerous border” in the world. During the tour of the DMZ, one of the speakers they had the opportunity to listen to, was a young lady of just 19 years, who had just recently defected from North Korea. As she spoke, there were many tears, not only flowing from the young lady, but also middle child. Even though North Koreans are generally happy since they don’t know what is outside of their borders, their life is very hard compared to the Western World. As middle child listened to this young lady, it made her appreciate her life even more.

DMZ sign

DMZ sign.

Train that once ran between North and South Korea

Train, that once ran between North and South Korea.

The third tunnel

The third tunnel.

Barbed wired fence

Barbed wired fence between North and South Korea filled with messages on ribbons.


The underwear chronicles

An image of my thong
Yesterday after my husband arrived at work, he went upon his usual routine of changing into his work clothes, nothing exciting you would think? What happened when he put his leg into his pants? Well a nicely washed thong of mine fell to the floor.

There was another individual in the change room at the time. Now whether or not he saw what had happened, my husband does not know, since he quickly picked up the damaging evidence, and tossed them in his locker.

I of course told the children about this, the young man thought it was gross, while the eldest wondered if dad had something he wanted to tell us?

Later on in the day, I posted this on Facebook, and well it seems this has happened to quite a few individuals, so many I thought we could probably start a Facebook group called “The underwear chronicles”.

Years ago as I was running across the lawn of the local hospital for an appointment, I felt something fall from the inside of my pant leg. Lo and behold there was a pair of my underwear on the grass. I quickly scanned the area to see if anyone had noticed, then I completely ignored what had just occurred. Now the funny thing is, when I finished my appointment, and took the same path back, the underwear was gone, and it was not a windy day.

Have you lost your underwear? What did you do?